Best Watch For Professional Mariners


20 years in the Coast Guard and G shock is my go to. They are bulletproof and they last forever.


They glow all night long, unless it’s a dud and yes it does need light to “charge”


This is my go to watch!


Timex and other electroluminescents are a backlight that lights up the whole face blue-green when you press a button. The numbers are black against the lighting and superbly visible – probably a bit overbright if you’re fully dark adapted. The LCD display incorporated in the face has green numbers against a dark background and is hard to read unless it’s actually dark because the intensity is less than the rest of the face. For an all digital face this would not be an issue. My Timex Expedition has a tan face with black hands/numbers; I think that’s fairly standard. It uses a 2016 lithium cell and it’s rated for something like three years with ten uses/day of the light, IIRC.


No need to appologize to me, I carry a fountain pen to write with… we just sell the types of things people ask for.


I agree, they are a great watch (especially for the price) and I’ve owned a few but never wore them much because I just find the display too cluttered and busy.

That said I do have fond memories of my Casio calculator watch in High School despite the fact it was (one of many) reasons I never got laid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s one of the reasons I stayed away from digital for so long… the button. Usually when I needed the time I had a pen in one hand and a pad in the orther or was wearing gloves or using a sextant or something.

The Apple Watch is digital but lights up when I look at it… which is nice. And I like the custom analogue hands on my watch face. What I don’t like is the horrendous battery life.

We put a new Timex up on the store today that’s a really nice combination of just a few digital features I love (automatic correction, smart timers, help in finding your phone) and the analogue things I like (long battery, sweeping dials, glowing hands). We’ll see by the sales if anyone agrees with our assessment.


I used to buy the $20 Casio at Target that had world time and 24hr clock… you could see 4 time zones…

Now I wear my Onega Seamaster 50th anniversary GMT

A good preowned watch site is

Watch porn… good prices on great watches


Damn you! I already have a small collection of pre-owned (but still pricey) fountain pens, knives and Mercator maps… I need another category of a shit pulling on my wallet like I need a hole in my head :laughing:


I know guys that flip cheaper watches to pay for a nice one… I got mine for $1600 off a us embassy employee… I want a Seiko Master Mariner


Yeah sure, there’s always money when you can sell stuff at the corner of hard work and knowledge but I need another retail venture like I need two holes in my head!!


Jewelry for the two holes in your head… gold shackle earrings?


I grew up with Skilcraft government ballpoints, but WWII was fought with fountain pens as ballpoints hadn’t been invented.


There is only one watch I’ve ever coveted… A Rolex Oyster Perpetua with a green, blue and red NATO band as worn by a certain individual with the last name of Bond :slight_smile:


Most G-Shocks as far as I know will light up when you raise the wrist to look at it and if it has solar charging, you don’t have to worry about ruining the battery life either.
Also, my go to G-Shock - the 6900- has a nice, rather large recessed button on the front of the bezel to turn on the backlight, making it very easy to press the button with gloves on.

The 5600 is one of the original G Shock models and one of the least cluttered as well.
These two are also approved for space travel by NASA :smile:


I’ve had this one for 16 years now. From the Antarctic to the Arctic and around the world a few times, it’s held up. Little uglier than when I bought it, but like someone said, you get what you pay for.


The Expedition is an analog display, it has physical hands and numbers. The only thing the button does is make the face glow in the dark and it is not a separate button, it’s the the setting knob.


Bigtime Omega fan and I have been sporting my Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean since 2006. I’ve recently taken to wearing the lighter NATO straps of Capt. Konrad’s liking. A Navy Retirement gift from my wife it’s one my most prized possessions


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Danm… your wife has good taste!