Best Shoes for Watch Standing

After 4 years of work boots on deck, I find myself seeking out the most comfortable shoes for standing watch 12 hrs a day (in non-work boots)
What is everyone wearing for the best arch support? I’m trying out the nike Tanjun and I hear danscos are popular…

For on deck-steel toe-Keens workboot are great. The large toe box makes a big difference. On the bridge, if workboots are not required Altra walking shoes are superb. These have been my standard issues for quite some time.

The insoles might be more important. Most shoes, even high end ones, have crappy insoles. Buy a good set of insoles and replace whatever is in the shoes you’re wearing. Good insoles like “superfeet” are a bit pricey (up to $50t worth the expense.

I agree with this. Also, in my experience at least no need to find the perfect shoe. Better to avoid bad ones.

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It depends on what you do, or might need to do, and where you are. It could be anything from slippers or flip-flops to tall rubber boots, or both.

For the wheelhouse, I like non-skid shoes that slip on and off easily. I can run out on deck with them if I need to, understanding that they may get wet. I’m mostly sitting, so arch support isn’t much of a consideration. I often slip my shoes off and put my stocking feet up on the “dashboard.” Putting your feet up is good for you.

At certain times on some jobs, I keep slip on rubber boots in the wheelhouse.

The requirements in the OP were:

-Arch support
-not work boots…

Just about anything that Keen makes have been my go to for years. Merrell also makes some very comfortable and supportive shoes. The newcomer that is all the rage with doctors and nurses (12 hour shifts on the feet) from what I have heard is Hoka. A sneaker company, some look like orthopedic shoes with huge soles and some look like legit running shoes. Expensive though.


Same here, and Keen is good if your feet are a little wider than a normal “D” width but not wide enough for an “E.”

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I’ve had good luck with Orthofeet for my foot troubles. Reasonable prices and they come with inserts that let you adjust the amount of arch support.



My Captain’s chair didn’t get a lot of use as I prefer to wander about but long river passages (Great Lakes) lead to a lot of time standing. For many hours on my feet I have found that New Balance running type shoes are what I like best. Soft soles lead to sore feet and ankles whereas a harder running type shoe works best for me. I like the wide width and big toe box.

nothing beats going to a foot dr. and gettting some custom inserts made. i eventually settled on responder 951 series from Mason shoes.

No help here, but the brown/tan ankle work shoes issued at Piney Point in the early 70’s were the best shoes I ever had. Easy break in and lasted well over a year on non-skid decks. Perhaps someone on here can remember who made them. Don’t remember the brand. The black steel toes issued were horrible.On the bridge, any well made tennis shoe worked for me. “Dockers” were stylish, but not the best for watchstanding,

It has been a long time since I have had to stand a watch, but I will spend just about as long as a watch on my feet when shooting an evening of racing. I am not sure of the brand, but I bought some hiking boots from Bass Pro Shop a while back that do very well for being on my feet for several hours at a time.

Merrell, Keen, and Redwing make a lot of great foot gear in many different styles. Of course there are many other good brands too

I prefer simple low shoes without laces that I can easily step in to and out of. I frequently put my stocking feet up on the “dashboard.”

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Black Diamond makes firefighter boots but they have what they call ‘station shoes’ that are still boots but are very comfortable. is the site. I have a pair with the zipper side. As far as insoles, Insight makes some with a higher arch than most and aid in comfort for me. is their site but not sure if they sell direct.