Best Nautical Movie Scene


No no no no. Not my boat. The bosses boat.We hit a reef. Huge son of a bitch. Ran the whole coast. THE GREAT BARRIER REEF? You heard of it? Smart lady. From Captain Ron
Also Martin Harvey: Slow down! There’s boats all over the place!

Captain Ron: Don’t worry. They’ll get out of the way. I learned that driving the Saratoga.

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“Row well, and live”

Not a nautical movie per se, but a nautical scene.

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THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 1990 Tom Clancy story

"Captain Ramius: There’s one thing you haven’t yet asked me: why?
Jack Ryan: Well, I thought you would tell me when you felt ready.
Captain Ramius: Well, there are those who believe that we should attack the United States first. Settle everything in one moment. Red October was built for that purpose.



Ice Station Zebra.
Rock Hudson to Patrick McGoohan:
'We work on first name terms here; my first name is Captain.

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The scene in captain Phillips when the whole crew was gathered in the lounge. One of the engineers says “ I’m in a union, I didn’t sign up for this shit”



Moby Dick…the entire scene when Gregory peck is riding the whale stabbing it with his harpoon and ranting ‘from hell’s heart I stab at thee!..’ and when he surfaces on the whale’s back, but dead yet his arm is beckoning the crew to come with him, making the prophecy true…

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Had to watch Caddyshack last Friday, so hilarious. Yacht club party going on, Rodney walks by Judge Smail’s wife “ You look great tonight, you must have been something before they invented electricity”.

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‘You wanna earn 50 bucks the hard way?’

The quotable lines from that movie are enough to fill a volume of comedic lines.

The best scene in the whole movie is where Chevy Chase’ character Ty Webb loses his ball at night into Bill Murray’s workshop. What ensues is simply the funniest scene between two funny people of all time. From ‘cannonball coming!’ To ‘we’ve got a pool and a pond. The pond would be good to you.’ You simply can’t beat Caddyshack for the quintessential 80’s comedy and in my opinion; perhaps the best of all time.



Mr. Roberts for two:

1.) When he is confronted during cargo ops by the Captain for requesting a transfer (that whole scene was great) but specifically when the old man lost his shit when he found out he discharged his fresh fruit and gave it away.

2.) The end of that film, where Pulver “mans up,” and takes on the old man himself. Won’t spoil it… even though I suspect most here have seen it!

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When the Doc makes the scotch.

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In the beginning you hear them make a pipe “sweepers… man your brooms…”





When Marlon Brando is creeping around the ship trying to disarm the explosives. In the engine room he creeps behind a stanchion and carefully peeks around the edge. There sits the entire engine department playing cards.

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1968 Film Ice Station Zebra. USN Sub Tiger Fish is sent to a drift ice weather station to retrieve survivors. Captain (played by Rock Hudson) a British Intelligence Agent (played by Patrick McGoohan) have just left the Sub discovering no survivors. The plot thickens as they try to find a most valuable prize of strategic importance also believed to be there…somewhere. A small film container.

The scene makes an unsettling statement about the long cold war years that followed in the post WW2 era. The time of a Military Industrial Technology race pitted against an Intelligence and Espionage front trying desperately to keep it all in check.



Not necessarily a movie in the sense that it is a Hollywood portrayal of life at sea, but this 2-part film of life aboard a Victory Ship in 1945 is worth a look. Covers her progress across the Pacific delivering railroad equipment for the Philippines. The Bosun’s reaction to a newbie referring to the stern as “the back end” reminds me of my first encounter with the Mates and 1st Classmen aboard the TSES!



The dinner party scene from Das Boot (English version). I believe it’s only in the extended cuts, which is a shame, because nowhere has the gulf between the men at the sharp end and those who send them to die been more aptly depicted.

The scene in La Vie Aquatique where the pirates get taken down takes the honors for sheer curly-toed feel-good-ness, and also somehow manages to make a surreal film even weirder.

The final scene from Master and Commander has been mentioned, and is indeed second to none when it comes to unintended ridicule.



“Away All Boats” when Captain Hawks puts Belinda into the trough to demonstrate that the pre-departure report she was secured for sea was, in fact, “in error” and he then kicks his feet on the bridge rail, settles into his chair, and pulls his cover just over his eyes.

The book does a great job describing the scene.

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The Enemy Below, pick a scene.

Master & Commander was good, it’s too bad that the movie didn’t make enough to get a few more out of the series.

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Ever see a good ship without a monkey on board? It’s sad how much of the skill on display has been engineered out of the loop :frowning: The bare handed fondling of wire rope makes my skin crawl, though…

If we’re including documentaries, I must add the part of La Monde du Silence where they locate and dive on the SS Thistlegorm. Sadly, I could only locate dubbed versions:



I never handled wire in the Navy, but we were told in boot camp that it was forbidden to wear gloves when doing so – much better to get torn by a meat hook than dragged through a sheave by one.

Made my skin crawl at the time.



Getting a meat hook in the hand does sound awful, but I recall in a wire they are called fish hooks, still not a pleasant thought but a little better.