Best Nautical Movie Scene


Ending scene of “Master and Commander”.


What about Lakeboat???


Is it worse than Battleship… or Speed 2?


oh God! that is a tough one to answer…

I suggest you gird your loins and sit through the hour and a half of the sputum then you will know the true answer to your question grasshopper


Seriously? I love that movie.


It took me a week to watch it. I could only watch 20 minutes at a time and I had to shut it off.


That movie is Great !


I always liked the PT boat in “McCales navy” when it was running flat out… i wanted one of those for the next 50 yrs. there are a couple great examples on the web all restored… well, with a couple things that’ll raise the eyebrows of a older eng.


I tried to watch it last night. . . . sheesh. . . Mamet certainly has his own “style”. I could see what he was getting after, but it was truly painful to watch. Shame, too. Great cast. . . .


The Long Voyage Home… John Wayne as a Swedish Able Seaman on a tramp British Freighter in the early days of WWII. Lots of good stuff. Well worth the watching.


The ending scene in “Action in the North Atlantic” when the ship is limping into Murmansk and a Navy officer says to the Admiral “that’s amazing” & the Admiral says “no, that’s American seamanship!”


“Action in the North Atlantic” with Humphrey Bogart, using the sextant scene.


Can anyone thing of a worse mission than the Murmansk Run? I think anything worse than that was a volunteer mission.


I have seen that film at least 50 times and tell me when did anyone use a sextant in the movie?

love the story but can’t fathom that all the same bunch that were on the tanker end up on the Liberty…especially the cadet!

all that said though, my favorite character in the pack has to be Alan Hale, Sr. as Boats O’Hara…every ship needs such as man as the bosun!


I think I want to be him when I grow up


You sir are already there…

He has many memorable (dare I say campy) scenes in that film. Though I am partial to the NMU union hall scenes where they are all playing cards and waiting for a ship.

I’ve also always wanted to refer to my Mate simply as ‘mister’ but that has unfortunately fallen out of style


you mean I am a groan adult already?

when did that happen?


Caddyshack when Rodney Dangerfield drops his anchor through Judge Smales new sailboat during the christening ceremony.


I’m twenty minutes in and it’s tough going. (Lakeboat).


Same scene only the judge smales “it’s easy to grin when your ship comes in” speech at the christening of the Flying Wasp.

Ted Night should forever be enshrined as one of the funniest human beings on planet earth for his performance in that film. His and Dangerfields scenes were all time classics


In the 80’s the Captain of the Rainbow Hope wore his class A all the time.