Best Masters or Undergrad certificate in Maritime law or business

Hoping for a little help in the realm of training and education. I’m wondering if anyone has an opinion on what the feel is the best undergrad or masters level certificate in maritime law or business?

Do you mean in law school and/or for lawyers? There generally isn’t one. Some law schools may have one elective course. Tulane has a few, but you don’t get any kind of specialist certification. The Maritime Law Association has some membership criteria but that is for experienced practitioners.

Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but developed by ODU while I was there, albeit in a different college.

ODU Maritime MS

I did the ODU graduate certificate before I did an MBA there. I didn’t learn a ton, but it was worth it just for the networking opportunities.

Law and Business are two very different worlds, but on the law side of echo Tulane. I’m surprised when I meet a U.S. Maritime/Admiralty lawyer that didn’t go there.

I’ve worked as one (didn’t go to Tulane) and for me it’s the opposite. I know a bunch of maritime lawyers, only two went to Tulane. And I didn’t meet them in a legal situation, one is a NY Maritime classmate and the other I met i in my post lawyer career.

Interesting. Maybe it varies with industry segment or where a specific non-legal role intersects that world?

Are you basing on experience in Louisiana? Most likely due to Tulane being in Louisiana more than anything else.

Never south of Norfolk, except for a couple of depositions!