Best Maritime Cartoon Contest

It’s been too long since I posted something to lighten up the mood on this forum so I decided to log in and start a contest.

All you have to do is: [I][B]Post your favorite maritime cartoon![/B][/I]

Now for the prizes!
First place contestant get the key’s the S/V gCaptain
2nd Place winner gets to drive off with John’s 1979 Corvette.
3rd place wins a single moldy sock John left aboard his old ship.

Can’t find the strip, but Hagar is having a drink with an Irish Munk. The text goes something like this:
Munk: Wouldn’t it be nice if all people could speak the same language?
Hagar: Yes, but how the h*ll are we going to teach them all Norwegian?

Always got a kick out of this one.


[QUOTE=ombugge;183208]Can’t find the strip… [/QUOTE]

I have been searching the web occasionally for years to find one from a National Lampoon “Politenessman” strip circa 1980. It shows a mate and helmsman of a floundering ship with appropriately nautical language. Politenessman refuses to rescue them until they clean up their language. The sanitized version of the same dialogue includes stuff like “au contraire, you incestuous fellow…” Anyone with a clue wtf I’m talking about know where I can find that strip…?

The signalling mirror that old time tanker mates used to carry had an amazing resemblance to a stainless steel hanky…

We had this posted on the research ship I worked on. One of my favorites from The New Yorker.