Best Cities in the world

If you are looking for something new in your life, here is 20 cities around the world where it is nice to live and even to work:
Link: The 20 best cities in the world to live in – News & Articles?

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While sitting through a teams meeting I figured i’d save you all the click bait heres the list lol

20 Barcelona, Spain

19 Vienna, Austria

18 Dalkey, Ireland

17 Rotterdam, Netherlands

16 Aberdeen, Scotland

15 Differdange, Luxemburg

14 Malma, Sweden

13 Pretoria, South Africa

12 Belfast, N. Ireland

11 Tromso, Norway

10 Da Nang, Vietnam

9 Cebu, Philippines

8 Georgetown, Malaysia

7 Tampere, Finland

6 Dresden, Germany

5 Calgary, Canada

4 Boquete, Panama

3 Monterrey, Mexico

2 Montevideo, Uruguay

1 San Jose, Costa Rica


Monterrey, Mexico seemed like an odd choice, but this list supports it. Top 100 Places To Live in Mexico

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Fortaleza, Brazil.

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If the links I posted earlier didn’t work, or didn’t meet with your approval, here is another list of
“20 Best Cities to Live in the World”:

Wait. Which one is the real list?

Different lists and different opinions are allowed on this forum I hope?
I have my own opinion of which is the best city in the world to live in. There is no price for guessing which one.

I’m gonna guess it must be one of those bayou-side towns in Louisiana, right?

Not seeing much there with decent stream trout, fair maple grooves to tap for syrup, oaks to plink a limb-rat or two for dinner, public access marshes for waterfowl, or fields for pheasants and rabbits. What I see is people, people, people, noise, and general repellant to my curmudgeonly self.

But hey, the more people go to those places, the fewer I have to face in a daily basis in my corner of the world! :wink:


You’re a terrible guesser!!
But points for sticking up for your hometown. :+1:

The more in the cities the merrier as far as I am concerned.They are welcome to visit the trout streams though. I have often thought that maybe the countries in the EU have a good idea. Do not allow building on trout or salmon streams but allow fishing for a small fee. Luckily in the USA there are national parks preserved for the citizens to fish in or camp at least for now.