Most and least livable cities in the world

The Ecoomist’s sister company has rated the best, and worst, cities in which to live;
(Unfortuately behind pay wall and not available as “gift article”)

Here is a map showing the 173 cities featured. (The ten best and worst at the end):

Update: Sorry, that wasn’t the most successful “cut and past”. Here is top 5 in text:

And at the bottom end we find:

To summerize, among the top 10 cities are:

  • 4 from NW Europe;Vienna, Copenhagen, Zurich and Geneva
  • 2 from Australia; Melbourne and Sydney
  • 2 from Canada; Calgary and Vancouver
  • 1 from New Zealand; Auckland
  • 1 from Japan; Osaka

Looks like a lot of blue comets are about to hit Western Europe. Is that a seasonal thing?