Bell Ringing Policy

I’m sure this will bring about discussion

FROM: RegimentalCommander
TO: Regiment of Midshipmen
VIA: Commandant of Midshipman


Situation: Followingthe successful completion of license it is a Kings Point tradition to ring thebell in the middle of the oval to signify having completed the course ofeducation at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Following the BellRinging the Class of 2013 will commence their leave period between license andgraduation.

Mission: This ceremony is to signify the successful completion of license andacademics at the Merchant Marine Academy for the Class of 2013. The eventshould be enjoyable for the midshipman while at the same time be carried out ina dignified manner that is in keeping with the traditions, rules, andregulations that govern the Regiment of Midshipmen.

UNIFORM: Bell Ringing Formation/Ceremony: Khaki’s with garrison cover.
Cookout: Issued PT gear/ running suits

TIMELINE: 1100-1330:Cookout for the Class of 2013 at Land Hall.

                       TBD: Licensing ExamGrades are posted.

           NLT 20 Minutes following theposting of the license exam results midshipman from the class of 2013, whosuccessfully passed licensing, will muster by companies in the Oval.


Leave/Liberty. Commences AFTER the completion of theBell-Ringing
Ceremony. Specificpolicy for the period 31 May to 12 June to be published in a separateCommandant Notice.

Bell-RingingCeremony Formation. First Company, Second Company, and the
Regimental Staff will form up on the South Side of the Oval.Third, Fourth, and Band Company will form up on the North Side of the Oval. The ceremony will begin when the RC calls theCompanies to attention. Following remarks by the Superintendent and the Dean,the RC will announce commencement of the bell-ringing. Midshipmen mustremain in the complete Uniform of the Day throughout formation and the actualbell-ringing.
Cookout.The cookout will be coordinated by the Class Presidents from the Class
of 2013 and 2014. Starting at 1030 popcorn and wing will beavailable in Land Hall. At 1100 burgers and hotdogs will be available on thepatio facing the waterfront. The Class of 2014, Delano Staff, along with EDmidshipman will cook the burgers and hotdogs on the grills outside of LandHall.

No food orbeverages will be allowed to leave Land Hall or the patio areas. At 1330 foodservice
will ceaseand clean-up will begin. By 1400 Land Hall will be cleared; clean-up will be
completed bythe Class of 2014 and ED midshipman.

Land Hallwill be off-limits from 1000 to 1430 to all underclass not directly supportingthe event
or the clean-up.

As directed by:

MIDN CAPT 1/C Regimental Commander
MIDN LCDR , 1/C Regimental Honor Board Chairand First Class President

Any questions should be directed up the Chain of Command orto the Class Officers

Wow this sounds like the same procedure/policies we use for crew change down at CPort 1.

The best bell ringing policy is the one in Alaska where he who rings the bell buys everyone a drink in the bar.

You know your right i havent noticed that anywhere else

But what abo??ut the strippers doing jello shots in the pool & pole dancing while the band plays Cole Porter tunes

[QUOTE=“rshrew;105971”]The best bell ringing policy is the one in Alaska where he who rings the bell buys everyone a drink in the bar.[/QUOTE]

Like that policy, especially when some foreigners are in town and enjoy ringing the bell just because it causes the bar to go wild!..then they find out later what it means, poor souls.