Being a crew as a Service Provider

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Any good solution to work aboard as service provider?

I found a good opportunity on board of a CNB SY, starting as a crew for the first year and then will become the skipper from next saison (planning to pass my YM on the winter time)
The owner would like the hire me as a service provider.
I am french but do not live in France since 10 years now, I checked possibilities in there but to be able to provide invoices I must open a compagny with a lot of social fees to pay with any conveniencies (not surprising)
It is where I need your knowledges to understand what will be the most convenient. The world is diverse and big enought, just looking for the easiest one!

Any one you could recommand?

Thanks a lot,

Anne de Bretagne

Not sure what you mean by service provider. Are you talking about crewing as an independent contractor on a private US vessel?
Si c’est plus facile pour vous, demandez moi votre question en Francais et surtout en plus grand détail.

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It is exactly what you said. He wants me to provide every month an invoice for working on board on his private sailing boat, US flag.
Is it a normal procedure in this field?
What do you do in this case? Any recommendations?

Disons qu’il s’agit d’un contrat pour 3 ou 4 ans. 4 mois de navigation à bord et le reste de l’année je dois prendre soin du bateau. Il veut que je lui procure des factures chaque mois, sous contrat mexicain ou américain. A ce point là je cherche des conseils si ouvrir une société ou bien faire appel à des agences qui gèrent les équipages. Je voudrais des conseils de la part de personnes qui sont du métier et qui travaillent comme indépendants :slight_smile:

Si vous résidez aux Etats-Unis, il n’est pas nécessaire de démarrer une entreprise ou de faire appel a une agence. Votre patron doit seulement vous donner une forme 1099 de la IRS a la fin de l’année qui indiquera le montant d’argent qu’il vous a payé.
Vous pouvez alors deduire vos dépenses et payer l’impôt sur le montant restant.

Vous devriez savoir que ce type de classification est destiné aux entrepeneurs indépendants qui travaillent pour plusieurs employeurs. Si vous travaillez a temp plein pour un seul patron qui dirige vos activités, il doit vous payer comme un employé, retirer les impôts de votre salaire et vous fournir une forme W-2 de la IRS a la fin de l’année.

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Yes - Lee_Shore is 100% correct. This potential employer is trying to save money. Do you have health insurance? Can you please provide the name IMO, or MMSI of the boat / ship?

The MMSI? Are you going to give them a call?



Yeah what is there radio telex callback number? I’ve got some long winded questions. :hugs:


Then why ask for an MMSI?

Thank you. Hope all is well. Baseball season coming up.

Don’t forget to line your helmet with tin foil.


Excusez mon retour tardif. J’étais en déplacement pour résoudre divers problèmes.
Non je ne suis pas résidente aux États-Unis. Je n’ai pas de résidence actuellement. Je pensais m’enregistrer en France étant française. Mais je ne serais quasiment jamais sur place. Mon travail n’est que 4 mois de temps plein. Le reste de l’année c’est seulement quelques jours à bord. Aussi dans les moments creux il m’autorise à participer à des transferts de bateaux, ce que je compte bien faire donc il ne sera pas mon unique employeur c’est pourquoi j’ai pensé au statut d’indépendant.
Of course I understand that it is convenient for him to hire me this way. Would be for sure very convenient to be an employee but what can I do…

I apologise for being back late. I was traveling to solve various problems.
No, I am not resident in the United States. I do not have a residence right now. I thought registering in France being French. But I am almost never there. My job is only 4 months full time. The rest of the year is only a few days on board. Also in this calm period he authorised me to participate to boat transfers, which I intend to do. By consequences he will not be my only employer that’s why I thought of the status of independent.
Of course I understand that it is convenient for him to hire me this way. Would be for sure very convenient to be an employee but what can I do…

Your English is better than I thought initially based on your use of the term “service provider”.
I’ll respond in English so other forum members can chime in. The information I gave you only applies if you file taxes in the US.

I see, thank you for it, may be useful.
Any other ideas or examples for independent status on board?

In response to DeepSeaDiver, I would prefer to not share this kind of information for respect of privacy

I had a friend who was once in a similar situation. I will pm you with how he handled it.

A US flag vessel operating in the US cannot lawfully hire persons who lack the right-to-work in the US. Foreign crewmen that are hired in foreign locations can come back to the US on the vessel, but only for a certain period of time.

Its quite common for “employers” to treat “employees” as independent contractors. Sometimes it’s legal and sometimes it isn’t.

I would suggest you take a look at the website. You can do a search on nonresident contractor and get a better understanding of the guidelines, the standard tax rate, if a tax treaty is in place with your country for a lower rate. If you contact a tax professional that is familiar with this type of arrangement they may be able to help with suggestions on some additional deductions you may be able to take advantage of and your responsibilities.

You will notice that the potential employer also has a responsibility for this type of business relationship. They also should be issuing you a special form, that they would keep on file. In regards not wanting to release the IMO - MMSI of the boat I do understand.

There is no shortage of foreigners working legally, or illegally, aboard US yachts.