Overseas based Maritime companies that hire USMM's

Can any shipmates help me out with any overseas based boat or ship companies that hire and or use US Merchant Mariners.

I am looking to expat from the oppressive US tax system and the clown show we are putting on for the rest of the world with our upcoming election.

Additionally I have some personal issues related to impending wage garnishments not covered by the USC’s or Jones Act.

Foreign flag ok too as long as they will accept US MMC’s and STCW 2010 endorsements granted in the US.

Prefer someplace warm but will consider anything at this point.

Thanks all,

Burned out Ol’ Salt

The cartels would probably hire you. All earnings are tax free and it’s the only industry I’m aware of that hires civilian submariners.

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[QUOTE=Burnt Salt;183727]

Additionally I have some personal issues related to impending wage garnishments not covered by the USC’s or Jones Act.


Ha ha ha … you have much to learn about the US taxman, grasshopper.

Just because the DHS can’t or won’t tell another of its offices that you just paid for and had a security check at another of its little cash cow offices doesn’t mean the taxman won’t know what you had for breakfast and who paid for it.

Do you plan to become an unemployed fugitive living on the beach in Bumfukistan after your documents expire? The US government might be a stupid and corrupt bunch of morons at most things but it has very long arms.

[QUOTE=Honest_Abe;183747]… it’s the only industry I’m aware of that hires civilian submariners.[/QUOTE]

For more than 30 years a thriving tourist submarine industry has employed civilians to operate and maintain a large fleet of submarines all over the world.

(After 3 tries to respond to Honest Abe’s post and having it append to Burnt guy’s post each time … even after leaving the thread and returning … I figure there must be some new “feature” at play.)

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I have an old high school friend who moved to Australia a long time ago. . . the US tax man is still hounding him. He will probably end up renouncing his US citizenship. . . and the potential wage garnishment? Yeah, gotta watch out for those crafty ex wives, too. . . .


Gee thanks for that very helpful information fellas.

I know there are other shipmates out there in a similar situation such as mine.
I have worked with them.

Costa Rica used to be the chosen place to expat to until the snowbirds shit all over the island and fucked up the exchange rate.

Concerning the cartel and their drug subs…

I never claimed to be a bubble head and never will be but I bet I have more experience with the cartels than a most USMM’s out there.

I am bound by security clearance not to disclose any information but suffice is to say if you shoot at me and my buddies (this was years ago mind you) we not only shoot back at you but we shoot your dog, your mom, your dad, your wife, your kids, your next door neighbors, and anyone else that gets in the path of our guns.

We make an example out of dumbasses taking pot shots so they know next time we come rolling by that we have “overwhelming force and superior fire power” on are side including air support.
You can’t hide from the FLIR Don Pablo.

And after we are done killing everything you know and love, we burn your coca fields and coke labs in front of you before I stand over you and pump two into your chest and 1 into your head just to see to it that my mission of “A Job Well Done” is complete.

Then I go back to where I came from and sleep like a baby that night.
God, I actually haven’t slept that well in years.
Going on 25 now I think.

You only have to stay out of the States for (15 months is it?) to be able to tell Uncle Sam to keep his greedy paws to himself.

As far as my personal issues are concerned I have taken my renewal in 2019 into consideration.
If I can not renew remotely without the lawdogs interfering with my US MMC then i will license under a different flag state which i already plan on doing anyway.

I should have several flag state licenses to choose from by then I just won’t be able to use them on US vessels without a USMM MMC also.
But by 2019 the communist bureaucrats running our country into the ground and selling us out to the “global economy” will have done away with the Jones Act anyway so what does it matter what flag state my license is issued from?

I have overseas jobs I am already fielding offers on that don’t require US credentials.
I was just looking for a “little help from my friends”.

I provide Pro Bono services to USMM’s through my website.
Never charge a [B]US[/B] Merchant Mariner a dime for my services.

I am more than happy to charge the crap out of fat cat oil companies and their chosen boat companies when they need help filling a billet with a top notch USMM instead of some cat with “baggage” that is willing to give 2 weeks of his pay to some piece of whale shit that is getting untraceable cash kickbacks from his brother Thibideaux at “We love our sisters marine” (and i mean REALLY LOVE our sisters) in the coonass navy.

I thought i might get a reach around on here but it is just more of the SSDD with gCaptain professionals being spammed with useless “drama book” type replies until someone gets mad and says something “naughty” and then the thread tailspins into the ground and is locked out taking with it all the useful information that other mariners in my same situation could benefit from as well as me.

I am trying to keep things from getting to the point that the US Marshals will be waiting for me at the customs entry point.
I have no problem with supporting my children and don’t need an asshole in the US government to tell me what is right and wrong.

I will send what I can, when i can.

But she can ESAD.

And so can this New Roman Empire that is bound to fall…sooner than later…

Over and out

^^^You don’t also happen to be a commercial truck driver as well, do you?


This must be OICUR12’s anti govt militia spec-ops account.


he’s facing wage garnishment so the gummint must have disagreed that he should be considered a tax exempt organization, or something like that thus the transition to stealth mode

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Just a bit about tax liability for ExPats. . . . . http://www.expatinfodesk.com/expat-guide/nationality-specific-information/americans/us-tax-liability/


[QUOTE=Burnt Salt;183752]Gee thanks for that very helpful information fellas.[/QUOTE]

Wow … before you bail make sure you get your meds balanced a bit better and stock up with a good supply. From reading your post it appears you need some “enhanced” chemical assistance.

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Man you’re crazy…deez nuts are actually qualified OICNW?

[QUOTE=HuangDi;183791]Man you’re crazy…[/QUOTE]

That post reads like something you hear about when the victim’s families ask on national news why something was not done to prevent whatever act of insanity the author committed.

I think I’m missing something because I’m not sure what this means(?).

Regardless, my point was that it’s obvious this burnt salt guy is a troll or is a little eccentric…

it means that after some lunatic posts crazy shit on the inter webs they should be dealt with before they go and kill people or do something equally crazy.

What you’re asking is how to evade taxes, which is a violation of Federal law and could end your security clearance. Is this what you’re asking information on? How to break the law?

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[QUOTE=DeckApe;183843]What you’re asking is how to evade taxes, which is a violation of Federal law and could end your security clearance. Is this what you’re asking information on? How to break the law?[/QUOTE]

It sounds to me like he’s looking for a way to avoid paying alimony.

In his first post he implies that he wants to work somewhere to hide from the oppressive tax man. In his later posts he makes excuses about not paying the ex or child support. Whatever the excuse he’s a deadbeat who has publicly solicited for information that breaks US tax laws.

Doesn’t he know they’re watching, reading his posts and tracking his location? They know where he is. They’re just waiting until he incriminates himself further. That way they can lock him up for good in those classified prisons you can’t talk about. I hope for his sake he escapes the country before they find him.

yes, those black locations operated by shadow agencies. They may even test enhanced interrogation techniques on him. Perhaps our great comrade Putin can get him a room somewhere in Siberia?

Could also be child support. Had an engineer that could not get off the boat for about 5 months due to alimony/child support in arrears. They started with his passport because it expired before his license. Then the license was refused renewal. He was SOL after that. He was a relief and don’t know all the particulars. Port captain hired him without checking passport had already expired Captain only realized when we got ready to go through customs for New Guinea. Not a bad port to miss actually what a shithole.

When an american opens a bank account the bank is obligated to tell uncle sam.
That has pissed off so many banks many refuse to have american customers