BBC - Clock changes: EU backs ending daylight saving

From the BBC - Clock changes: EU backs ending daylight saving

The EU Commission is proposing to end the practice of adjusting clocks by an hour in spring and autumn after a survey found most Europeans opposed it.

Hell, I oppose it. . . .

What has it got to do with the EU? It’s precisely this kind of interference that stoked Brexit

Problay because EU countries change their clocks?

That’s a good question - but perhaps to even ask that question assumes too much.

Try this: From Wired - How Do You Know You Are Reading This?

The only thing you know for sure is that you are conscious. All else is inference, however reasonable. There is something in your head that generates experiences: the words you are reading on this page, the snore of a bulldog on a red carpet, the perfume of roses on a desk. Your experience of such a scene is exclusive to you, and your impressions are integrated into one unified field of perception. It is like something to be you reading, hearing a dog, smelling flowers.

But what is going on in the heads of other people, and do dogs or even computers have experiences too? Is it also like something to be them? If entities besides yourself are sentient, whence does consciousness come? Philosopher Dave Chalmers calls the question of how physical systems give rise to subjective experience the “hard problem” of consciousness. Many philosophers think the hard problem insoluble, because consciousness cannot be reduced to pulses in neurons in the same way bodily functions can be explained by gene expression. While our consciousness is the only thing we know, it is the most mysterious thing in the world.


Exactly, so why not let the countries decide whether they want to or not. Nothing to do with the EU

Exactly, the EU as all inherently socialist collectivist systems cannot resist the temptation to control everything, its indicative and part of the DNA of socialist systems.

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Are you saying all these States are “inherently socialist”?

What has Socialism got to do with DST?
Or, what is wrong with Social Democracies that make them bad, in your opinion?

It appears that social democracies are doing rather well, with greater equality, better social mobility and more freedom than in hard nosed capitalist countries.

Seems like the answer to: “what time is it now?” is one of those things that I would like there to be some agreement on. And no one likes the daylight savings, any ways. I cuss Mister Franklin twice a year. Passing through timezones is bad enough, no reason to compound things. Kudos, Europe.

socialism is an ideology for dreamers,
its an ideal that cant be achieved especially when the other persons money runs out
Everyone is equal, everyone is as poor as each other and as dumb as each other.
If your country has more dummies then they we will the vote

The EU is like one of those future movies where there is a corporate in an ivory tower pulling all the strings and you cant vote them out as they are not elected.
They lead as in their own minds you need them.
Your choice is leave, oh thats what the Brits are doing


In reply, the EU is a democratic socialist construct.

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Yeah ! Stick it to the man ! No one’s gonna tell me what effn time it is.

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Are you saying there is a correlation between dummies and form of government? Because it would be hard to argue against being a dummy can get you quite far in representative democracy.

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Care to quote any example??

Venezuela, Angentina, North Korea, Cuba all have elections…

According to the article the citizens of each country support ending daylight savings time.

I don’t know what is happening in the EU but the people of Maine likewise would prefer stay on Atlantic time (ZD +4) all year. However business people with close ties to Boston, in Portland for example want to stay on the same time as Boston. So they are holding up the show.

No individual New England state thus far has been able to solve this problem. There has been talk of a regional or national solution. I suspect if the EU changes that will make States in the U.S. more likely to change as well.

Here is an article:A new American revolution is starting in New England—against Daylight Saving Time

Earlier this year, Bailey sponsored a bill that would move Maine to the Atlantic Time Zone, an hour ahead of its current position in the Eastern Time Zone, and no longer observe Daylight Saving Time. The bill passed both chambers of the Maine state legislature. But the Senate added a provision that Maine voters must approve the change in a referendum, and the referendum could only be triggered by neighboring Massachusetts and New Hampshire changing their time, too. Since neither of those states had immediate plans to change their time zones, the move seemed doomed.

Some things require cooperation from other people.

The Hegemony welcomes the People of Maine. Would you like healthcare with that?


Free healthcare comes with not giving in to adjusting clocks twice a year? Count me in.

Its not free… but it is universal. And, unfortunately, unless you want to live in NE BC, Saskatchewan, an island in the Hudson’s Bay, a forgotten corner of Ontario, or possibly the new province of Maine, you will still have to change your clock.


daylight savings is for the sake of the farmers they say. Bullpucky. Saskatchewan is like… the farmeriest place on earth and they’re all: nah.

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