BBC - Clock changes: EU backs ending daylight saving

Definitely laughed out loud…only because I’ve been to Saskatchewan…“for sure”


What’s the deal with Newfoundland and their time zone?

Have you ever been to Newfoundland and/or Labrador? You’d better visit for yourself, I’m not qualified to explain: I’m from away.

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Unless a 3 hour re-fueling lay-over in Gander counts, I’ve never been there. I’d like to, but just traveling to/from anywhere else eats up at least 2 days of limited time. The closest I have gotten is Meat Cove, NS.

I will ask, and report back as accurately as I can. But it wont be the same without the brogue.

Survey says: this is the far east, that’s where its to.

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I did a job up on Newfoundland some years ago. Damaged thruster on a semi that was towed across. Stayed in Marystown for about a week. I don’t really recall issues with the time. . . other than it was winter and dark for most of the day. . . It was very interesting, to be sure. I was even married to a Canadian at the time, but these folks are very different. . . .

Their time is a half-hour off from surrounding provinces, that’s a bit different.

Come to think of it. . . yeah. . . hell, it was almost 20 years ago or so. . . .

No doubt a remnant of the brief viking settlement early on, speaking of different.

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And/or perhaps validation of the rhyming 3-word appellation for a local…

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Maybe more to do with British colonial influence than viking settlement a thousand years ago.
Other former British colonies still retain the 1/2 hr. difference from standard time zones:

Some other former colonies (like Singapore) have change to regular time zones after independence.

^ the last of the cod strikes the hook…


Makes sense, Newfoundland was still a crown colony until after WWII, not part of Canada.