Battery chargers

I got a old Christie #QWL auto batt. charger from my neighbor. it has a VERY fried Ohmitz 15 ohm resistor in it, this ceramic wire wound has a small wire coming off each end that I’ve measured 60VDC to ground on (resistor removed). (half the applied 120VAC voltage I ass-ume)! so I just ordered a $40 replacement for this old beast (250 watt) but I also have a much newer phase 3, 3 stage smart charger model PT-15 off a ship I really like but when I hook it up to a battery and turn it on the meter pegs to the left and the light says “battery charged” wtf? I have not yet looked inside this state of the art unit as it probably has printed circuits but can anyone guess what is bassackwards with this thing? it was working great last time I used it and I’ve never had it hooked up wrong or anything like that.

I guess we will have to wait for our resident battery charging expert to weigh in on this one. . . .

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The best advice is to contact the manufacturer, Newmar, and ask them. Considering the model number appears to be incorrect is all the more reason to contact Newmar directly.

Newmar contact info can be found in the manual which is easily obtained online … RTFM

I got the solid aluminum resistor in the mail. Gold in color, prob real!!, the unit should last another 50 years. Thanks steamer for the input on the Phase 3. I got it off my favorite ship, (1600 ton, 6K) that I would CME for if she ever sails again. lets see if I can get it to charge a batt again! Thx! all.

From someone who spent some years selling and installing this stuff:
That old battery charger is likely a battery eater and REALLY should not come near a modern gel battery.
Your new Newmar charger has a model number that does not seem to exist. Obvious question: We had 12, 24, and 32 volts chargers back on the shelf. Besides for the model number, are you sure battery voltage and charger voltage are the same? When I got up to “ship” sized jobs it was mainly 24 or sometimes 32 volt stuff.

well surely I checked the output voltage? I mean, who the hell wouldn’t?? ME?? anyway, I’m positive I did, it was for the RHIB too. Till I get it going there is nothing to be done anyway. I got the other one going and I try to avoid the gel cells with it but a slow charge & just enough to get some vdc in it should be ok, besides, it’s all I got here at the ranch for now.

Hi…our older charger will hold the absorption phase for as long as 4 hours (the length I chose) if the batteries will continue to accept charge during that period. After that, it thinks the batteries need float until the charge level reaches some minimum. But if I turn the charger off for a few minutes, then back on… it’ll jump to bulk and then absorption again if the batteries will still accept that.

Where, oh where is our resident battery charger expert. . . .