Basic DP Certification as a cadet

I’m taking a Basic DP class next week as a cadet, and I just wanted to clarify some things.

Hopefully after the class, I’ll be doing my cadet shipping on an OSV in the GoM. To my knowledge, that time will go to satisfy the DP requirement and once I graduate and get my license, the DP certification will be applied to my license. After that are anymore days required before I can sail using it? I read somewhere that for cadets even after you graduate you still have to sail on your license before it is applied. The wording confused me a good bit. If anyone could provide some clarification I’d really appreciate it.

Cancel the DP Basic class and save your money.


It won’t. The Coast Guard issues the officer endorsement (license), they do not issue DP certifications.

Yeah seriously, DP is probably the least useful credntial you could have right now or for the foreseeable future. Try and get Tankerman PIC, a towing endorsement, or any other one you can.


The previous posters are correct. This has nothing to do with your MMC and is not an endorsement. Here is everything you need to know about the most commonly accepted DP scheme:

Taking the Basic course is just one of the boxes to be checked. They will explain all that during your class, but read up before you go. Whether or not it’s going to be useful or not nowadays is a tough question. I always made sure I could lateral over to other industries in tough times and have had to do that twice in the last few years. The more diversified you are, the better. “Yo, Joe!!”


Seems ludicrous to pay money for a DP basic cert right now. Just sayin there Mr. Cadet.


“Mr Cadet”?

Mr. Cadet was what I was called by captains at least half the time when I was a cadet.

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Unless you have a working DP classed vessel to work on dont waste your money as the course will expire with no sea time.


The current scheme is: DP basic course, then 60 days ON DP (you won’t get that cadet shipping on an OSV), then DP advanced course, then another 60 days on DP. After that you can get your DPO certificate.

Can cadets even get DP days?

yes so as to allow them to do the basic then accrue DP days before holding a license but cant progress till they have their USCG/STCW-95 ticket

I was almost always called other things. . . . .

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