Barque Elissa

Does anybody here volunteer on the Elissa in Galveston? Just wondering…

I moved to the Midwest nine years ago, but I volunteered on Elissa for about 25 years. She is a beautiful ship. Anything in particular you were curious about, or just in general?


I haven’t but would certainly consider it. Met her in the channel two days ago without her sails. Seen her with sails last week but too far away for my cheap camera.

yes, I passed her a few days ago outbound in the channel (she was tied up at the jetty). no sails bent on. looked kinda quiet. no perm crew from what I could see.

split tops’ls, don’t see that too often.

what’s the skinny? I used to sail on a 4 masted bark and it could be fun to sail on the Elissa…

What do you mean tied up at the jetty?

she was alongside AKA at the dock AKA quayside…

OH, okay. I gotcha now. She’s kind of a dock monument. The only time I think they take her out is the Harvest Moon Regatta once a year. Maybe once and a while here and there, but it isnt much.

here is the website…enjoy!!

[QUOTE=richard8000milesaway;30180]she was alongside AKA at the dock AKA quayside…[/QUOTE]

Found her at rest with her dinghy harborside, Galveston,TX.

nice fancy work up forward.
split tops’ls, don’t see that too often.

I have sailed as a Mate on board serveral times during her yearly spring time sailing voyages and a trip from New Orleans back to Galveston. I can try to answer a question you may have?

How are they on there about working with volunteers? I went to sea on square-riggers for 8 months years ago but I haven’t worked on anything like that since. I would like to get involved again but not sure how much time I would have to work there. I am working in the oilfield again and offshore 4 weeks on/4 off but when I’m home I usually have classes, etc. Will they take people who can only work occasionally or do they need people who can guarantee them a certain time every week? Do they only sail her once a year or sometimes more often?