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I was interested in becoming a Barge Captain on an ATB. Does anyone know how much a barge captain makes? Best companies operating sea going ATBS. I am licensed up and have experience, I have an offer on the table but it is lowball and one of the less reputable companies. Thanks. Also, how much do Pilots make on ATB’s. Just curious about it, I only really know inland.

I like to think most of the reputable companies promote from within. Times are tough right now a low ball offer is an offer and it may get your foot in the door. An inland barge and an offshore barge are like apples and oranges. They are definitely two different animals. Finding a pilot spot on an atb good luck with that i don’t think you’ll find one. Different titles, maybe a second mate (glorified tankerman) or chief mate spot. Recency will be the big thing depending on the area .

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

The Barge captain at my company supposedly makes 600 a day

Calling bullshit on that one

Ocean going ATBs are not crewed like tugs and barges in the river. Barge Captain is not a usual title for anyone on an ATB Barge. There are usually at least two Tankermen that work under the direction of the Mates. Same thing for wheelhouse personnel. Usually a Captain (Master), Chief Mate and Second Mate. Barge duties are usually shared between the mates, and the tankermen work at their direction. I would worry more about having the appropriate credentials than I would about the pay. . . .

What kind of credentials do you need to be a second mate? Thanks again for the responses, apples and oranges and I only know apples!

Think you will find most companies want a 1600 ton near coastal licence with stcw.

Not true. Bouchard has no one licensed on the barge. They run barge “captains” and “mates” just need PIC. 500-600 a day.

Before their paycuts.

I defer to the Deck officers in the group. I sailed as Chief Engineer on an ATB many years ago and the rules have certainly changed. To work in the wheelhouse, you will at a minimum need a mate’s/Master’s license of 1,600 tons and STCW. Lesser qualifications on the barge as a tankerman.

this guy is talking about pilots and ATBs…as far as I am aware pilots are on the rivers, but there are no river ATBs. I don’t think he even knows too much about what he is even asking

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Thanks for all the info guys, very helpful. Feel free to add anything else.

Have you put your updated resume with qualifications in the resume bank on the gCaptain job site?

No, I haven’t. I imagine it wouldn’t hurt. I have STCW Basic Training, Master of Towing (Inland, WR and Great Lakes only), Tankerman PIC, VSO, Advanced FF. I was approved to test out for 1600 Ton Master but have yet to take it (I was planning on being ready Januaryish). If I was to get on a near coastal ATB, I would like to be wheelhouse but am willing to work my way up. Thats why I was curious about credentials needed for 2nd Mate.

You’ll need an near coastal or oceans license, plus STCW to push oil for most of the larger ATB operators. You’ll also need trips for pilotage in at least a few places to show experience aside from avoid having to take a pilot on your watch.

Thanks, yea I figured that was going to hold me back a bit just having Inland, WR and GL.

Not just a bit, you’ll need a new TOAR as well. It’s still boat driving but really a totally different skill set.

He’s talking about having to take an actual pilot, not a mate/pilot of towing.

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“Barge captain” ? Oh, you mean a crazy deckhand with a tankerman’s ticket.