Question for ATB and/ or Crewboat Mariners

I recently got my Master 1600 Near Coastal. I have been working as a deckhand on a harbor tug. I have gotten my TOAR and am a retired Navy Chief.
My question is; do the above mentioned credentials(I have a few more) qualify for a Mate position OR potential for advancement to Mate/ Captain on a crewboat or ATB? If not, what would you recommend? Finally, what are the typical rotations you tend to see in the ATB and/or crewboat world?
Thanks in advance for any info.

Depends on the company. I work on ATBs. My company personally won’t hire a mate without oceans or tankerman PIC. There are companies out there that will hire a mate with NC but its starting to become rare these days. Rotations on ATBs are generally 21/21 30/30 or 45/45.

Crewboat captains usually make around the same a tugboat AB would make. Considering you have a toar i would think leaving tugs would be a backwards move.

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I kinda figured. Just called to figure out what else is out there. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the info. Take care.

Did you also get STCW II/2-Master with that? Otherwise, it’s effectively a 1600 Master Inland and 200 Master NC.

A TOAR for what route?

Yes on the STCW and Near Coastal as well as Inland TOARS.

So you did the classes and assessments?

Do you have 30 days on near costal tugs? If so, submit an application for Master of Towing NC. You need to find a company that will hire a NC license to do offshore costal work to get time towards your oceans. The big companies and ATBs generally want oceans.

Which STCW? You need more than basic safety training. To work as Mate, you need an STCW endorsement as officer in charge of a navigational watch (STCW A-II/1) and to work as master an STCW endorsement as Master under STCW A-II/2.

I have STCW II/3, II/4, II/5, V1/1, VII/2, VI/3
OICNW less than 300 GRT towing
OICNW les than 500 GRT Near Coastal
Thanks for sl the help and guidance everyone.

Since you don’t have II/2 you effectively have a Master 200 GRT Near Coastal and a Master 1,600 GRT Inland.

Since you don’t have II/1 you can’t even work as mate on vessels over 200 GRT outside the boundary line.

You should go be an AB on an ATB and get your assessments for OICNW and Master signed off as well as your loads and discharges for your PIC-DL. That’s a better career path than running a crew boat as you’ll basically never be able to upgrade on the crew boat. Hopefully the company you go to work for will pay for your upgrade classes to get your Mate and Master endorsements as well.

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