Balboa, Panama

I am almost there, what is there to do around the docks

Flamenco Island. Lots of bars and restaurants. The Havana Club in town is interesting… if you know what I mean. :wink:

Just be happy that you are not in Colón

Isn’t that the truth!

[QUOTE=cmakin;67295]Just be happy that you are not in Colón[/QUOTE]
Colon was a decent stop at one time. The Duty Free Zone was a good place to buy cameras and electronics. The VIP served a shrimp platter (6 shrimp to the pound) and roasted turtle eggs. Then we had to make an appearance at the “EL Morro”.

The closing of the “El Morro” was the harbinger! LOL!!

There use to be a place called Miami club? Is it still around?

Everything has changed down there since the military pulled out. I hear it is really jumping, though. There is a beach close to the docks called Veracruz, not too far. Anyone remember “La Gruta Azul”? My Place. Dreams, Patatus, The Yacht Club. There is a lot to do in Balboa and it is pretty safe. You can catch a Peacock fishing trip in Arenosa or Gamboa that you will never forget. Tons of Peacock bass. The place in Arenosa about an hour outside the city will even cook your fish onsite for you after the trip. They also have some casinos available. I lived down there for a little over 4 years and did not even scratch the surface of all there is to do there.

I was on a regular run through there for a year. We’d bunker at the Mobil dock across from the Yacht Club. Had great times. We always had anchor time in Gatun Lake. We’d catch schoolie peacocks, excellent eating. We’d also use them for bait to catch 40# plus catfish.
I also made the trip across Panama in the '70s when the army ran the railroad. Great trip! A few years ago, the agent said a U.S. company was starting the railroad operation back up.

Oh the memories from my visit, I had a good time at the yacht club there. One of the best steaks I ever had or maybe that was the beer talking…

I remember La Gruta Azul! Un tiempo caliente!