TSGB to Set Sail

California Maritime Academy’s TS Golden Bear will be setting sail this Sunday for its first of two summer training cruises. The TSGB will make port calls in Balboa, Panama; Valiparaiso, Chile; Guyaquil, Ecuador; and Puerto Vallatra, Mexico. Yours truely will be lucky to expierience both cruises thanks to his decision to take a QMED minor. You can follow the voyage at http://www.cma-virtualftv.org/2009/.

Any reccomendations for things to do and bars to experience would be greatly appreciated. I’ll try to post updates of my experiences when I get in port.

Have fun…

Never been to any of those ports, but go do something fun in port, then hit the bars. 2 reasons, one, so you can say you actually did something in the port besides just drink and secondly, you won’t be in the bar as long, which increases your chances of not getting in trouble and/or having a hangover while on engine maintenance the next morning.

so what is the cal poly ratio these days?

Cal Poly’s not going on cruise this summer. Lot’s of rumors going around as to why but most of them circulate around this great new cruise schedule that the Captain made up. I try to look at the bright side, at least there won’t be as much drama this year. Last year on the S. Pacific cruise there was like 30+ Cal Poly girls, a whole lower berthing of them.

gCaptain is headquartered in SLO along with Cal Poly. While a town full of carefree college students can be annoying at times, god I wish I was in school there. I’m not going to start quoting the Beach Boys, but they definately hit the nail on the head with at least one of their songs;)

Have fun man! Wish I was going! I’ve sailed past Balboa- but have never been ashore…

Stay safe!:smiley:


Ahh…the life of a sailor!

Balboa: “bikini club”, “yacht club”, sailfishing, antiqueing (hard to locate), historical sites, local food.

Guayaquil: women 7to1, plaza, cathedral, casinos, native crafts/clothing, night clubs, local food.

experience…enjoy…have fun…but leave a favorable footprint