Autec/andros island info

is anyone familiar with the autec project on andros isl, bahamas…(atlantic undersea test eval. center)… just curious about approx. pay for capt. or mate- i know housing/food is provided so actual pay may not be that great, but was interested in hearing from someone who has worked there or has info- thanks

I was on the USNS Hayes when she was still running for MSC and we worked periphially with the AUTEC folks. It was my understanding that they paid subsistance wages.

I have run the range in the Tongue of the Ocean. The only Captains/Mates I am aware of are the ones who drop off the acousticians to the ship. I’m not sure that its very steady work.

thanks for the replies… i had a friend/aquaintence over there about 13 years ago who was an os on one of their RV’s…have totally lost touch with him, but am sure at the time it was full time work for masters/mates/eng/os…i know he was given a very small trailer/mobile home type thing to live in and he made somewhere around 250$$/week!!, but was curious about the situation these days and capt/mate pay…thanks for the info…

I have worked at Autec twice. Pay is by the hour on their boats. The money can be decent if they are doing a lot of testing. Benefits are pretty good. No income tax. Free place to stay. Two big boats 180-210ft. The rest are very small. Very clickish group of guys in marine department but life style is laid back and not for everyone. I enjoyed it and would go back if single or not wanting to retire in a few years.