Australian Navy tow a bomb

The Australian Navy towed a bomb out to sea and sunk it in deep waters:

Wouldn’t it have been even safer to blow it up, since they already had it at surface and in tow?


Pommies… what can you say?

I’m sure that the Aussies will love being called Pommies.
Anyway, much safer to try and defuse it:

It depends on the context. The Aussie shipmates I sailed with who were pals didn’t mind it nor did the New Zealanders mind being called Kiwis. Nor did the Brits mind being called Brits in jest and I’ve never had my feeling hurt by anyone referring to me as one of the Yanks. Some of us have thicker skins than others who are needlessly offended when no insult is intended.


But Aussies call Brits Pommeys, I’ve never know anyone call Aussies Pommeys!

I’ve heard Kiwis use that term to refer to Aussies. Could be a Commonwealth thing?

I was doing my National Service on MTBs in the Norwegian Navy.
We were standing by in Bodø during the X-mas and New Year Holiday 1965-66.
,when a call came into the Naval Command from a fishing village on an island nearby.

A fisherman had found a drifting mine some months earlier and taken it into his boathouse. (It had a nice shackle he wanted)
Then he heard rumors that some youths on the island were planning to make really spectacular “firework” out of it at New Year’s Eve and got cold feet.

We got some Naval Mine Specialist on board and went out to the island. We carried the mine (a Russian drop mine according to the specialists) out of the boathouse on some old fishing net that it was resting on, put it into our little fiberglass dingy and rowed out to a skerry, where we carried it ashore.
The Specialists put some charges on it and we rowed a suitable distance away, before they set it off.

Quite spectacular “firework”, but safe and far away from the populated part of the island.


Forbidden in a Marine Park !
Some ugly fish could be killed…

Tow it a bit further then. It had a “lifejacket” on.
Marine parks are not that big.

PS> But maybe some not so ugly fishes would be killed??

I’m sure the navy knows what to do with unexplored bombs. They’ve been doing this sort of thing forever. Noting that they were at Lord Howe Island which has no real harbour and very little infrastructure the team may have arrived with limited equipment and getting explosives there might have added complications if a commercial aircraft was used.

My experience of our clearance divers is that they love blowing things up (and showing off the effect to the locals) and seldom turn down the opportunity to do so. This is the first time I’ve heard of them doing it this way so it’s unusual. They do love the a trip away to exotic locations and a spot of diving in the sun on a pretty reef and accommodation at a holiday resort. Perhaps they were hungover and wanted to avoid loud bangs. Or a pretty girl or two they met in the bar begged them not to hurt the little fishies and they agreed … for a price.

P.S. Aussies aren’t pommies - unless (special, but regular exception) the Aussie came from Pommy Land and still speaks that way and supports their cricket team. In which case we let them stay and tolerate them but inflict due revenge at England vs Australia sporting clashes.

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Did they tow it outside the environment?


I hope this solution works better than that camouflage they were wearing.


"Who would ever attempt to catch fish by dragging nets on the sea bottom? That’s a preposterous idea! Can someone please dispose of that surplus mustard gas by dumping it in the Kattegat sea. Also, don’t bother to document the exact location, I’m sure nothing will ever come of it. "


No not AT Lord How Island, or the reefs surrounding it. The bomb was found by a fisherman on Elizabeth Reef , which is abt. 90 n.miles from Lord Howe Island,
And they came by ship, which is the only way to get there-

They MAY have landed on the reef by helicopter, but more likely by RIB or Zodiac. The bomb was towed out to the ship, which towed it to deep water.

You are right, there are not much infrastructure on Lord How Island, but there is an airport and regular flights from Sydney since 1974. I know, because we delivered heavy equipment for the construction of the airport in 1970.

PS> The Navy should know Lord How Island, since In 2002, the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Nottingham struck Wolf Rock a reef at Lord Howe Island, and almost sank. (OK, not HMAS, but from the navy of the “motherland”)

My apologies. I took a quick read and assumed the reef was near the island. And I can assure you our navy is well aware of reefs around
Lord Howe Island. Even the RN was well aware of it but rammed it anyway. Very embarrassing but a very commendable damage control organisation in the ship saved her. We still use lessons, photos, experiences of this in our own damage control schools as an exemplar of how to do it properly and save a ship that otherwise was a near certainty to sink.

kiwi’s are half caste poms to Aussies

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We would put Kiwis in a class of their own actually. If we are mutually threatened eg by the Poms say the three navies on shore leave in Sembawang, we first ally with the Kiwis. Aussie and Kiwi sailors would beat the crap out of the poms first and only then fight each other. And then drink together a bit more … until some yanks walk innocently into their bar. All three royal navies would happily join ranks and welcome the newcomers to our ways.

Kiwis always deploy warships with a first rate rugby team heavily populated with Maoris known for their mostly peaceful if cannibalistic practices. They are useful in riots. Whereas on the sporting field we are deadly enemies all the time.

So you see, there are no easy rules for the pecking order.

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And end the evening in Bugis Street, on top of the public toilet doing the “Flaming Arseholes” dance:

Great entertainment for locals, residents, visitors and the “Billy boys”
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Man wtf did you just make me watch


That’s funny and timely. I was recently stopped for a minor traffic violation, eventually, by a policeman wearing camo. He was perturbed because I did not stop as soon as he yelled and motioned to me. I told him I didn’t see him at first because of his camo. He thought a minute, laughed and sent me on my way.
Geez…why do cops dress in camo in the city or all black like some kind of ninjas? Why do they wear their IDs on necklaces and dress in plain clothes? If you’re going to be a cop be one. Wear the uniform and be out where everyone can see you are working to keep them safe. Don’t take off your necklace with your ID on it while you go screw around for half your watch while wearing street clothes. Be accountable ! Rant done…