German Seaman's camp

Today I visited the remains of a little known German seaman’s camp established in the bush at Deep Creek off Narrabeen Lake, Sydney, Australia.
Of historical interest it was established in the 1930’s as recreation for German seamen passing through Sydney. By the later '30’s the Nazi influence became strong in the official organisation of the small camp, partially to counter the influence of a rival camp set up by the communists.
All that remains are the chimmney and footings of the original small building, adjoining stonework paths and fire pits and a large number of rock inscriptions.
The inscriptions are carved into very large boulders an generally the name of the seaman’s home town and date. The later inscriptions dating 1937-8 sometimes included swastickas and Nazi eagles. Of course this all ended by 1939
An interesting piece of history, unfortunately due to the presence of Nazi symbols I can’t post photos.
Were these camps in far flung countries a common thing in the 1930’s ?


Can’t post pics at the moment because all the shots of the inscriptions have Nazi symbols somewhere in them and I think that is banned. I will go back and try and get some shots without the symbols. I’m not even sure if I can pm them.

History is banned?

Of course…it must be approved. Did you not read “that book” in high school lit class?


It is interesting, all of those seamen so far from home in a very foreign country recalling their home towns
No calling home to family

In the US we had the Friends of New Germany, AKA the German-American Bund. The Bund was created in the 30’s to promote Naziism. Among other activities they owned and ran a chain of training camps, which also served as summer camps for kids.
The bund was very active in NY especially.

I found this. Just scanned through for now, but will watch later. 1930’s GERMAN CAMP in Sydney - The history behind carvings at Narrabeen - YouTube

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Yes that’s the place
The carved circles he mentions had crossed out hammer and sickles in them
Very interesting

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