Sailors tales

I am completing a book about my 20 years at sea. I have published before and this book will be out around the holidays. At the beginning of each chapter, I am adding a crazy or funny story to keep it upbeat and interesting. I have quite a few tales from my own experience, but I a only one man and each of us has had an unusual experience or two. If anyone has a (mariner’s story) that is laugh out loud funny, unforgettably heroic, or outrageously weird, I would love to hear from you. You can send your story by email to or, publish it on this thread. It will probably prove to be fun reading. If I use it, I will attribute it to you if that is your wish. If you do not specifically request to be unidentified, I will attribute the story to you. Here is your chance for five minutes of fame, adulation, and a couple of rounds of drinks, as you hold court in your favorite pub. Thanks for your interest. I can’t wait to see what crawls over the transom. Cap’t Jim

Maybe you could gather some things from this thread.