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I’m working with a small group of Coast Guard Vets to create a collection 100 original Sea Stories and publish the results as a hardback resource for entertainment and academic purposes. The idea is to pull 20 stories from historical sources, then find 40 new stories from the 20th century and 40 new stories from the 21st century: pulling from all the maritime sects, across time and cultures. The ultimate goal is to expose cultural difference/similarities and changes over these different dimensions.

We could use more stories. If it is set in the marine environment and is an authentic account, we want it. If you’re interest, follow the link below to find out more. Your story plus 99 others will be published with a brief bio of the author (you) so no anonymous writers please.

We will not edit for content. Most of the stories we have received so far are either heart felt or adventurous. Others have been grotesque, salty humor, and sporty. Our contributors are top heavy with Navy sailors and Coasties and we are trying to get away from this and find balance from other parts of the maritime.

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Do we get a cut of the royalties or are we doing all the work while you’re getting all the money?


Nevermind, I found the answer. I don’t think you’re going to get many submissions from here when you’re trying to make money off of other people’s work.

The attempt to put a positive spin on it by saying that we could plug the company is my favorite part

Yeaaahhhhh… my company would probably not like to mentioned in the shenanigans that is a proper sea story.


There are still too many living!

Good try. I know times are hard and everyone wants to make some money but damn. You get all the money for doing nothing? You might want to try this scam with the yacht crowd. They tend to be more gullible and have lots of stories.

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Thanks for the feedback. I can assure you no money will be made off this project. I’ll update the website to show that.

Thanks for reading the post. We are just trying to collect stories. Not spinning things or tricking anyone.


Believe me, we have worse stories already. The publisher is named Dirty Sailor Company and their first book was titled A Chronicle of the Dishonorable…
But good luck with hiding your cute shenanigans.

Again, this book is not being sold for profit. If you read the link it directs you to the scholarly value behind the concept. In all honesty, I’ve been studying maritime culture for years and this is one more link in that chain. Give or not, I’m not sure why people are offended by my asking.

One of the things I like about gCaptain Forum is reading people’s sea stories & recollecting my own (& its free!).

I have a free, non-sea story about publishing concerning a poetry contest my pre-teen daughter was encouraged to enter held by an outfit called Applebly Publishing. She entered a contest & was selected as one of the winners. Her prize was her poem would be published in a book. The proud parents could buy the book of poems for $39.99 & each additional book after that was $34.99. And of course, additional shipping & handling fees. When I seen the price of the book & the sells pitch I knew right away it was a scam & told my daughter. I didn’t want to discourage her or be a bad dad & bought a book anyways. When it arrived we read through it to see the poems from some of the other “winners” & she too agreed it was a scam. Most of the poems were horrible. It was obvious any kid who prepaid the $39.99 plus S&H was a “winner” & had their poem published. I’m not saying that is what this sea story book is going to be but it was the first thing that came to mind after reading about it. I would possibly pay for a book of sea stories if it weren’t too expensive, wasn’t too bulky & had good reviews. I’m going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, wish him luck in his endeavor & wait to see how it turns out.


Read a book or two of sea stories. Those stories were the author’s own, because they were sailors. Maybe you should start sailing and get your own before trying to mooch off others experiences, for free. And what, exactly, is the academic benefit of such a book being published? Haven’t seen anything on your site, nor could I imagine anything in that realm of possibility.

My side hustle is racing photography. . . .you wouldn’t believe the solicitations that I get, or photos stolen and re-purposed, and when I call out these folks, all I get is, “but think of the exposure!”. Yeah, I will pass. . . .

Well thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt. I enjoy watching this forum, where people share sea stories for free, benefiting the web host financially, rip into a guy who’s trying to research culture change in the maritime… I knew this would be a challenge, to collect enough authentic sea stories to meet the stated goals, though I’m surprised this forum feels so at ease trying to cancel my attempt… Egh… The book will go to contributing authors for free. The post published book is sold at cost. Which means no one is trying to make money. I think the publishers site is clear on this… Cheers. Thanks for your non sea story.

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Good luck to you sir. Honestly, I hope it is a best seller. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Who doesn’t like a good sea story? Market the hell out of it once its finished!

Well, It was worth a shot. I’m truly surprised that everyone is upset I’m asking for sea stories on a forum that asks for sea stories. You assume I’m after money for no other reason than the person in front of you says I’m after easy money. Believe me, publishing a compilation of 100 authors’ raw material is not easy. No part of that process is easy or quick. It’s not free money, and it’s not actually money at all. I’m doing this for academic value, but you’d know that if you saw the site which doesn’t live on advertisement and doesn’t ask for a dime anywhere…

Not sure why I’m defending myself. I didn’t think a crowd of merchant marines would participate in cancel culture.

Cheers anyways.

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Bradley DS, stay positive, I like to think most people would submit a story just for readers entertainment and maybe see their story in print.
Few people realize how unrewarding professional writing is, and how difficult/labor intensive, and TIME consuming it really is.
ps; Dont wait two years till your next post !!


Too many people that want to share sea stories? I wouldn’t agree. I think the large problem is the target market doesn’t write, or, at least, doesn’t feel they can write well enough for an audience outside of gCaptain’s Sea Stories forum. And you may find it ironic, though I’m not worried if they don’t read. Thanks for the vague and ambiguous comment.

I’ve entertained the other responses, so I might as well entertain yours… I could show you a thing or two about sailing. If you want the material I’ve been working on lately, follow the murder trial of Ethan Kelch. He’s the kid who was supposedly killed by his best friend, a Coast Guardsmen, in Dutch Harbor. My two stories on this case are attempting to keep that best friend out of jail and put him back on the seas where he belongs. I know a thing or two about sailors. I also know that some don’t read much beyond the statements of the crowd - they have no critical thought. If you can bring yourself to do it - read the 100s of articles I’ve written and given away for free on a maritime veteran groups platform - which I did with other authors because we enjoy writing and we want to make positive changes… Talk trash about things you know about, not about things you don’t have the time to understand… Anyways, if you have empathy for sailors, check out

Thanks regardless. It’s cool mariners have a place to talk shit…