Ask The White House

The Obama Administration has created a new service called “Ask The White House” where you can ask, and VOTE ON, questions that pertain to a list of topics. The questions with the highest votes will be answered directly by the president.

I have asked a few questions. Unfortunately I can’t link to them directly but I encourage you to submit questions that matter to you then search for/vote on the questions that relate to our industry!

Here are my questions:

"Are plans for energy independence and sustainable energy mutually exclusive or can we drilling for oil and fund new sources of energy at the same time?"
gCaptain, Morro Bay, CA - Green Jobs and Energy

"It seems that our educational system is gear towards sending ever student to college while programs like The Workboat Academy can give students high paying and rewarding jobs. What happened to giving students the option of attending trade schools?"
gCaptain, Morro Bay, CA - Education

"Shipping containers are presently entering our ports then placed on trucks that clog our highways and pollute our atmosphere. Why are we not getting these containers closer to there final destination with the use of barges and other maritime assets?"
gCaptain, Morro Bay, CA - Green Jobs and Energy

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I see the ask the White House link page gives a 404 error nowadays, although what could be added to this list? Or on another note is it possible to implement something like it where a participant can VOTE ON, to generate ideas and discussion?