Article - Naval Architecture, new challenges and a new horizon

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We are delighted to publish an article by Mr Lim Soon Heng , who is the Founder and President of Society of Floating Solutions Singapore ( The article gives insight into the challenges posed by phenomena like global warming, marine pollution and sand mining, and the role Naval Architects can play in mitigating them through innovative solutions. An extract is presented below:

The world has yet to see a shipyard that is totally afloat as illustrated above. The advantages are enormous. The entire shipyard is accessible by heavy lift floating cranes. Large blocks can be fabricated in say Batam and be lifted for integration at the quayside or the floating docks in Singapore in one seamless operation. Such cranes far exceed the capacity of goliath cranes that can only cover a designated area. Ships and quaysides float in tandem with the rise and fall of tides. Mooring ropes and gangways need not be adjusted during the tidal cycle.

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