Information Request - Wheelhouse Posters

Good evening all,

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut (USA) within the Department of Geography. My research aims to understand how the commercial shipping industry would interact with offshore renewable energy installations, and how these facilities could be better located and designed to minimize disruption within a navigable corridor. These impacts will be assessed with an agent based model, which is capable of simulating complex adaptive systems that result in emergent states, aka traffic jams at sea. The model approximates maneuverability with a series of equations based on real physics, and I am at the final stage of research where I will need to calibrate and validate and was wondering if your forum can be of services.

I was wondering if folks could provide information on the tactical diameter and maneuvering capabilities of vessels you happen to work on or service. Just a picture of the wheelhouse poster would be sufficient.

I can provide contact information at your request. Thank you all for your help, if you can.

  • Kevin