ARMY Marine Deck Officer? (Originally posted in the Professional Mariner Forum)

Hi everyone,

I’m a Navy vet of 7 years currently in my second year at TMA. I’ve recently been made aware of the Army’s Marine Deck Officer CWO MOS. Does anyone know if this career field can lead to an unlimited mate’s license? From what I heard licenses can be earned with this route. I’ve been itching to get back to the military life and this may be the path best for me. Thank you all for your time.


Loaded question.

  1. You’d need to enlist in the ARMY and then be accepted by their Marine program which would lead to a rank of Warrant Officer
  2. Deck Officer school is at Fort Eustis, it’s something like Nine months long and preps you for a USCG Test. A former colleague completed this class in the recent past and tested for 100T. Scope of license directly reflects seatime and experience - JUST like it would anywhere else.

What do you think you’d get there versus where yer at now?

Jolly Tar,

Thanks for the info. I’m working the re-enlistment issue now with the local recruiter.

What I’d get with Army as opposed to the academy? Well I miss the military life and it would be actual work on ships coupled with the security that comes with working for the military brings.

ARMY essentially operates landing craft; some big - some small but landing craft nonetheless - ‘ship’ is being generous.
I’d love to hear what the recruiter is telling you. Since yer exNAVY there should be little chance of you being taken fer a ride.
Keep us in the loop and good luck

Will do. So far I know you leave the school with a 220 ton license. Not quite “unlimited” huh? The recruiters are being completely forthcoming though so that’s not a concern. Looks like once you’re selected for the CWO program and complete the school you have your 220. Any other upgrade has to be earned the same as everyone else. Which suits me fine, especially since the local reserve unit is in need of some folks to fill these billets. It will allow me to complete school while working for Uncle Sam again. Hopefully it works out. I’ll post as more info comes my way.

Fair winds and following seas!

[ATTACH]1172[/ATTACH]U.S. Army LSV characteristics and capabilities include:
[li]Length (overall): 273 feet.[/li][li]Beam (molded): 60 feet.[/li][li]Displacement (weight): 4,199 LTONs. [I](x .57=2393 GT)[/I][/li][li]Deck area: 10,500 square feet (21 to 24 M1 main battle tanks or 25 [50 double-stacked] 20-foot ISO containers).[/li][li]Bow ramp opening: 26 feet wide.[/li][li]Payload: 2,000 STONs (86 C-141 loads).[/li][li]Range: 8,200 nautical miles at 12.5 knots (light); 6,500 nautical miles at 11.5 knots (loaded).[/li][li]Draft: 6 feet (light); 12 feet (loaded).[/li][li]Drive-through capability (bow and stem ramps).[/li][li]Self-delivery range: 6,500 nautical miles.[/li][li]Sustains crew of 6 officers and 23 enlisted per-sonnel for up to 30 days.[/li][li]Transports heavy, outsized cargo including rolling stock, general cargo, and ISO containers.[/li][/ul]

Here’s an article that may be a good start from Proceedings…