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Hello to all,

I am a US Army Warrant Officer reservist, in training to advance to Marine Deck Officer. I will complete my training at Ft Eustis VA in June of 2011. I would like to gain employment on the civilian side of the industry. When I finish school I will be assigned as vessel master of an LCU-2000 class Army vessel. I have 6 years at sea as of now.

I thought I would ask the experts how to go about this. Should I just shoot out resumes when I finish school, should I contact employers before I finish. Just looking for a starting point.

Very Respectfully

WOC David Cox

Greetings WOC Cox,
just a short note to wish you continued success in your training. Your vessel your currently on has a displacement of 200t light, or 375t full will limit your coast guard license. Highly recommend you look at how the maritime industry is set up based on tonnage of the license. is the uscg national maritime center website. check out the website as there is a ton of useful information you will need to become familiar with, not knowing what other vessels you may have sailed on, right now, it would appear your right on track for a 200 ton master.

That is the link for the check off list for the 200ton master, inland waters and the great lakes. You have come to right place to get your questions answered or at least, to get pointed in the right direction. Always remember, far better to have the highest level license you can get, based on tonnage. I hope this helps you a little…you will still have a lot of questions…but at least your heading in the right direction.


Sailorahoy, 2/M unlimited

Greetings again CWO Cox,

a quick correction required, sorry, listed wrong LCU displacement…the 2000 class is 575t light, and 1087t full.

That is the checklist for Mate of steam/motor of 500/1600 tons upon oceans. Based on your information, you should be on track for this check-off, depends on your prior sailing experience. Hope this helps…best wishes,


The tonnage that is expressed on out Licenses and/or Merchant Mariner Credentials IS NOT the “displacement tonnage”.

Considering the size and function of the LCU 2000, I think you should shoot for “Master 1600GRT/3000ITC upon Oceans” and “Any unlicensed deck rating including AB”. Also there is a STCW certificate you’ll need, it requires about 12 weeks of schools.

Contact to get some details. There are some Naval officers that visit this forum that are also transitioning, maybe you should search for them and read those threads and PM them to see what they have encountered.

Thank you all for the quick responses. I will visit the links and continue the research. Allready this seems to be a very helpful forum.

Thanks again shipmates…

A place of intrest you might try is the Corps of Engineers. There are three ocean owning districts in the country. Phila, Portland, New orleans. Quite a few men started working on the hopper dredges now hold Master’s Ticket

Give MSRC a call.

You have the sea time to get your 1600 masters but in order to do so you will have to start with a 100 tn masters and for at least 720 days serve as master or mate on a boat over 100 tn or equivalent position