Are there any unlimited 1AE or Chief mates who have entered the Strategic Sealift Direct Commissioning Officer Program?

I’ve recently obtained my Chief Mate license and am considering this route. There doesn’t seem to be much information out there on it. Has anyone looked in to this or have worked with anyone who has done this program?

If you are already a Chief Mate why would you need this?

To be part of this, you must be a U.S. citizen who is at least 17 but less than 25 years of age when you enroll. You must be physically qualified and have satisfactory records of academic ability and moral integrity – exhibiting the characteristics desired of a Naval Officer. You must have no moral reservation or personal conviction that prevents the bearing of arms, and you must be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree program leading to a U.S. Coast Guard Unlimited License at the maritime academy of your choice.

Degree programs include marine engineering operations, marine engineering technology, marine systems engineering and marine transportation operations, among others offered at Maine Maritime, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, SUNY Maritime College, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Texas Maritime Academy, Great Lakes Maritime Academy and California Maritime Academy.

Students who meet the qualifications at the above schools may apply for Midshipman status in our SSOP and apply to participate in our U.S. Maritime Administration’s Student Incentive Payment Program. If selected, an incentive payment of $8,000 per academic year is provided for up to a maximum of four years.

You will have to obtain a Coast Guard Unlimited License and apply for, and accept if offered, a Reserve officer commission in our Navy. You will also be obligated to serve as an employee in the maritime or maritime-related industry, and in times of national emergency, to serve as a Naval Officer aboard a U.S.-flagged merchant vessel.

We’re looking at different programs. The one I’m looking at is for Chief mates and 1AE, and has an age limit of 42. I believe the one you’re looking it is geared towards midshipmen at academies.

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I’m curious why you are interested at all. You just want to be a ssop reservist? Normally people use an ssop commitment to get money for their academy.

There’s no weekend commitment. Just 2 weeks out of the year of training. Full military benefits, some extra money, it’s a resume booster, access to military retirement. If I switch to the bare minimum sailing to maintain my credentials and become a stay at home dad with a part time job outside the industry it would compliment that. And the opportunity to serve our country.

The age limit for direct commission SSO used to be 35. Your saying they have changed it to 42 now? Please provide a link if you have one.

No link, and as a new user I can not upload the PDF attachment. To paraphase:

Must be at least 19 years old and of such age that they will not have passed 42nd birthday by time of commissioning. Prior qualifying service will be considered for year for year credit up to age 50.

If you contact your local Navy Officer recruiter and mention the “strategic sea lift officer direct commissioning officer program” they can get you more information. The guy I talked to told me in his 5 years of being a recruiter he’s only heard of this program being used once, so he had to do some research and get back to me.

Giving this tread a bump. Wondering if anyone has any new information or experience with obtaining a commission after graduation and while holding a 1AE Unlimited or Chief Mate.

Here is the link that was referenced earlier;