Are ship names unique?

I recently visited Ashtabula, OH, harbor, and took this photo (yes I have mad photography skills :joy:). The ship is the Tecumseh, but then I saw this page saying the ship is not in Ashtabula. So, same ship? It looks the same…

Ship names change frequently along with changes of ownership

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The vessel owner said: “Im’a name this tub after the first thing I see”

Passed one awhile back that was named the “POS ISLAND.”

Back when Sulphur Carriers had the old UOS tug and barge fleet we’d laugh because the botched paint job on the Coastal 101 looked more like “Coastal LOL.”

Ship names can be fun.

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As I recall, thats ship was built by Lockheed around 1972 as HAS bulker Sugar Islander, then Islander, after that Judy Latrico, then Tina Latrico then (finally) Tecumseh under the Canadian flag.
Last I knew she had a fire around 2019 and probably will go for razor blades.
Call sign KCKB

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This one?:

If AI become common on ships we can let them name themselves. As the starships do in the Culture series by Iain M. Banks.

It already inspired the names of 3 SpaceX ships

Just Read the Instructions
Of Course I Still Love You
A Shortfall of Gravitas

I bet ther’d be some good ones.

Author of one of the best opening lines ever:
It was the day my grandmother exploded…

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Best ship name was the Titan Uranus! Saw her on AIS off South Africa

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Supposed to be towed to Port Colborne, ON for scrapping prior to the end of September.