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A boat passes icebergs at Disko Bay near Ilulissat, Greenland on September 16, 2021.
(Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters File Photo)

Not only in the Arctic:

No Red Adair needed, “Red Army” to the rescue:

Parts of Alaska takes a beating from typhoon Merbok:

The big question is:

The Arctic is changing fast and US Arctic Policy is …:

The center plans to more than double its floor space in order to display more than 100 artifacts from the ships that were part of the doomed 1845 Franklin Expedition.

Gjoa Haven got it’s name after the first ship that actually made the complete voyage through the North West Passage.

The “Gjøa” completed the voyage in 1903-06, spending two winters in “Gjøahavn” on her way.
Seen here frozen into the ice at Gjøahavn:

After spending many years in San Francisco:

She is now on display at the Norwegian Maritime Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo:

Russia’s Coercive Diplomacy in the Arctic | The Arctic Institute – Center for Circumpolar Security Studies

Battle for the Arctic: U.S. Warns Russia ‘Is Way Ahead of Us’ in Race to Control New Frontier (

On October 18, 1944,Norwegian Partisans and Red Army troops attacked the Nazi-German frontier along the border with Norway. The first officer to cross the border was said to be a Ukrainian. A few days later, on the 25th, Kirkenes was liberated.

Since then, the date is marked annually, but the ceremony was different on this 78th Anniversary:

Despite all the animosity that exists now, some thing remains normal in Norwegian- Russian relations:

While on the other hand, Tromsø cancel friendship agreement with three Arctic Russian towns:

But leading politicians in Kirkenes warns against ‘isolationist policy’ towards Russia:

Russian spy pretending to be Brazilian arrested in Tromsø:

More details in “Russian Free Press”:

Looking at the picture on his Russian Driving License and a picture taken in Canada there appears to be a striking likeness:

Russian citizens are not allowed to fly drones in Norwegian airspace, including at Svalbard and the 12 nautical miles sea territory from land:

A question has been raised about whether small “drones” (below 250 gr.) are covered by the term “aircraft” (??)

Norwegian authorities are on the edge over Russians flying drones and taking unauthorized photos in sensitive areas.
Over the last two weeks, several Russian citizens have been detained for flying drones and taking photos in northern Norway. The country, which is not a member of the European Union but for the most follows the same sanctions on Russia, justifies the clampdown on drone operators with a the rule forbidding Russians and Russian entities from flying drones or other aircraft over its territory.

The case of a"Russian" arrested for flying drones in Svalbard has got a lot of attention:

An anchored tanker is moored to a bulldozer off the coast of Sanikiluaq, Canada.
The ship is held so it can pump diesel ashore.
Photo courtesy of Allan Rumbolt via Nunatsiaq News.

Source: A fresh shipment ends Sanikiluaq’s fuel shortage - ArcticToday

Fun and games in the North of Norway:

PS> There are some American military personnel and their families stationed in Vardø.

IOW; No way for Norway to pay their electricity bill??

Will the NSR close early this year?:

Or maybe not:


The Author: Austin Felter, Graduate Student M.A. Security Policy Studies, The Elliott School of International Affairs.