Arctic News

The submarine mural has been repainted:

The sanctions imposed because of the war in Ukraine is felt inn the Arctic:

PS> Many of the people living and working in Barentsburg are Ukrainians.

First transit for the year on the Northern Sea Route are in progress:

Maybe it will not be long before shipping can manage to sail without icebreaker assistance on the NSR for most of the year?:

And those who wants to see icebergs will have to travel further north (or south) than Newfoundland:

Not mentioned here, but Gjoa Haven (Gjøahavn) got it’s name when it was used as overwintering harbour for his ship Gjøa during Roald Amundsen’s first success navigation of the North West Passage in 1903-06:

Gjøa is now preserved and can be visited at the Fram Museum at Bygdøy, Oslo.
The history of Gjøa is worth a read:

Could the Arctic be a viable shipping route between the Atlantic and the Pacific, without using the Russian controlled NSR (or the Canadian/US controlled NW passage) by 2035?:

It has been hooter in Finnmark than in Paris or Madrid for a few days:

It has cooled down now and back to more normal temperatures in the north.

The Samii people, like indigenous desert people, know how to dress up when it gets this hot:

PS> It may also have to do with “knott”, or small mosquitoes (Ceratopogonidae), that appear in large number when it gets hot in the Arctic.

But it doesn’t apply to the Norwegian coast, even if north of the Arctic Circle.:

A solution on humanitarian ground has been found.
The food shipment is now under way to Barentsburg via Tromsø:

Things are happening in the Russian Arctic despite sanctions:

Or at least big plans are made.

The NSR season is getting under way for more ordinary vessels with low ice class:

In case you missed it:

PS> Starting a nuclear war is NOT reccommended.

She replace the old Soviet era drifting ice stations with the same name and a number: