Applying for SeaRiver Maritime Inc

Does anybody know how to apply for SeaRiver Maritime Inc.? I know they’re hiring, but there’s no online application to be found (even after the people from Exxon said to apply online). Does anyone have updated contact or mailing info?

After my divorce from the SUP, I choose to pursue SeaRiver. In fact I pact my mustang
and moved to Seabrook, Tx where the union had its office. I think it is ran out of someone’s
po box now or living room.

I knew about Exxon Seaman’s Union because they are affiliated with the SUP. I had read
their headlines and got the idea that they stood up for their membership. I wrote the President
of the Union early last year and he politely wrote back. He referred me to the lady at SeaRiver
but I lost the contact info. He explained to me to hold tight because they were down two ships.

So I recommend getting a copy online of “West Coast Sailors” and sending the President of the
Exxon Seaman’s Union an email explaining your situation. He is a gentleman and will reply in
detail on how to get in touch with the hiring lady.

I have returned to San Pedro to work MFOW but the time in Texas was great.

Good luck and I will help you any way I can google contact info.

Hey,thanks so much for the info! I’ll try to find that publication today and see if I can do that.

thanks again!