Sea River?

Does anyone know how to go about applying for a 3rd A/E Job at Sea River? I can’t find any info on the website and I know they aren’t affiliated with any unions.

You may send your resume to:
SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.
Attn: Marsha Shorts, RM 4077
800 Bell St.
Houston, TX 77002

Any SeaRiver employees on this site?
What are conditions like?

Thanks for the info. Where were you able to locate it? Was there an email address also?

Apply by mail.

No phone calls, no website, no email.

I used to work there. I worked on their West coast tankers as an AB all through the 90s. They were pretty good to work for. Decent pay, nice ships, good crew, kept to the 12 hour rule strictly. For officers, the schedule was 60/60. As unlicensed, it was nice since they had thier own in house union which was good for us since we got penalty time and overtime for all kinds of things. Officers had already got rid of their union and were regretting that decision. They also had launches to bring us ashore in port unless we were only there for very short time. They were also great on training. They sent me to school to get my 3rd mates license. All in all, I would say one of the better places to work.

So what is the story for licensed engineers here now? union-nonunion? This is Exxon-Mobile right? Do they have any international tankers?