Anyone sail on the Pioneer Service?

Has anyone sailed on the Pioneer Service? I believe it’s now called the Resolve Pioneer.

I have sailed on her back on '89. Many years ago when Zapata built them, there was the Heritage Service, Freedom Service, Liberty Service and Pioneer Service. Those were the U.S. flag ones as far as I can remember. Very nice vessels at that time. I sailed on 3 of those 4 when it was Zapata Gulf. Comfortable vessels. But no idea how they are now. That was 23 years ago.

Slept onboard a couple of days in the 90’s. It had just come back from the Alaska job an was in Amelia behind the Turdwater offices. At that time it was used as a transient boat so they wouldn’t have to put us up in a hotel. Last I saw it they were gonna put a crew boat in a cradle on the back deck and have one of the tugs tow it to Africa. I believe all three were going to work for chevron.

I was also aboard in the past. I was trying to remember what the tank below the wheelhouse was called? And, how it worked?

That was a Flume Tank used as an anti roll tank

Thank you! I couldn’t remember.

The last time I saw it I was working out at the DWH oil spill. I never sailed on it and probably wouldn’t.

Isn’t it the emergency response tug stationed out of Key West?

It had just come back from the Alaska job an was in Amelia behind the Turdwater offices.

Was on it in 96/97 for Tidewater, With the Tidemar 450 at Hinchinbrook Island AK.

I was on the Pioneer Service for two years. In 1983 We were in the storm that sunk the “Marine Electric”. We were off Newfoundland on the Hibernia Field for Mobil. 65 ft seas and 95 kt winds were documented by the rig. Almost exactly a year after the “Ocean Ranger”. In the summers we went into the Arctic Circle for Canterra with the drill ship “Petrel” Sailed with Capt Shane Nicholls as his C/M. An exceptional Captain.
Left there for the Gulf and then Brasil for a year. Good Times. Great boat. Fill the Flume tank 1/2 way and what a difference. Good Memories.

Is this a record? Five years between posts. Fantastic!