Anybody know of an on-line STCW course for Crowd Control?

I might need to to get the crowd and crisis course certificates within a month. Also checking to see where/when the courses are offered.


MEBA school has one, check to see if it is available to non-members

This is currently the only one. It’s not completely on-line, i.e. complete at home n your own schedule. You have to come to a live proctored examination. You can’t do that partt of the course at home.

Would this course be valuable for lifeboat coxswains or muster takers on a drillship? Are there other schools anyone would recommend? It’s not required for us, so it doesn’t need to meet STCW or be USCG approved.

We are now running the crowd management course in line with MCA Short course criteria. our website will soon reflect dates, but can be added to our STCW 95 Basice safety course at an additional cost.