Anybody got any great stories about practical jokes played on others while onboard?

Anybody got any great stories about practical jokes played on others while onboard?

Someone had a problem with the old man and put ball bearings in the overhead on his deck.

Here’s a good one…

Chief used to come in eng. room for tour and casually walks over to a sea water pump in view of those on watch. Slowly put his hand on the pump and suddenly jerks it away as if scalded by the sea water pump.

This usually got a rise out of watch engineer …

Captain and engineer in cahoots. They come up to bridge after dinner with 2/m on watch. Captain slowly eases helmsman out of the way and ensures all is on autopilot then distracts the 2/m.

Engineer removes steering wheel, holds it up and exclaims, “[I] My goodness the wheel fell off - what do we do now Captain ?”[/I]. Mate starts moving quickly …

We had a FNG walking all over the Superior boat yard with two 5 gallon buckets asking everyone for some wheel wash once.

Ball bearings in the overhead is classic. Also piece of upright pipe between the panel and bulk head in the stateroom is a good one. As the ship rocks back and forth the clang of the pipe will drive anyone nuts All the cadet classics like keys to the sea chest, bucket of prop wash, and greasing the relative bearing are good but people are catching on to those

As a cadet I was told to catch the mail buoy. I was also asked for a bucket of steam. Capt told me to go clean the purple off the hull after a mate crossed a TSS

Similar to the ball bearing, we’ve got a wireless doorbell with programmable sounds including a baby crying. Since we’re a small passenger vessel, baby’s crying aren’t unheard of. Put the doorbell above the Asst Eng’s bunk. We felt he was the most deserving.

My favorite is the sex toys and porn magazines wrapped up in the gumby suit on drill day. Never laughed so hard in my entire life.

I always liked using AA batteries in the overhead. They don’t roll around in any sort of pattern and will drive your victim absolutely insane trying to find them.

We had a guy leave the ship in a hurry once for another ship. We packed up his stuff and shipped it home with a huge dildo right on top of all of his stuff when he opened the box. He is still trying to explain that one o his wife. LOL.

You guys need to check out an “annoyatron”. I put one in a co-workers office, who happened to be stereo typical blonde, and we had her convinced she was the only one that could hear the sound. We convinced her she had tinnitus and needed to see a doctor but came clean after two weeks when she actually called a doctor!

The annoyatron makes a random noise and will drive you crazy!

When I was a freshman cadet had the Sr. cadet eng on watch try the keys to the sea chest on me at 0400. I was already pre warned about that one before we left for sea. Told me to go get them from the bridge. I went back to the rack for an hour. When I got back told him an elaborate story how I went to the bridge and the Capt chewed my ass why in the world would we have those up here. I should know by now the C/E has them. So I went and woke the C/E. He was pretty pissed and slamed the door in my face. Told me to go get the Cadet C/E. I woke him, and he was pretty pissed to. The look on the pranksters face was priceless. All I could do not to lagh my ass off. He was sweating it for a day or so. Then I paid the price for that one.

Dildo Post…

My wife and are laughing so hard about this one we cried …

Nobody else found it perturbing those guys had one laying around to include in the shipment of personal belongings??

Spare dildo? On a SHIP? Perturbing? Hardly worth a raised eyebrow. I mean come on, this is an industry where feuds are started over who the hell savaged the inflatable woman.

Did see one time crew from one boat snuck across at night and hoisted a rubber doll on the mast of another boat moored alongside, then in the morning asked the skipper on 16 what it was that he had on the mast, just as they were getting underway. That was funny …

No, I don’t find that odd at all.



No, I don’t find that odd at all.


You wouldn’t…

There was a girl on my senior cruise who finished her celestial first and made a big deal of it. Some folks put a big double-ender in her sextant box and arranged it in a way that it would kinda throw itself out of the box when it was opened. Since she finished first, i guess she had completely forgotten the weight of the thing and didn’t think to check it before hand. So turn in day came and you can guess the rest.

Get cup of water and pour a steady stream from the bridge deck when someone is working below. When they look up I appear to be zipping up my trousers. The more hands that witness the event, the funnier it is.

i tried a few of these on watch and they knew them… I was somewhat proud that they gave a shit about what they want to do once they graduate…