Any thoughts on Maritime Institute Inc in San Diego?

I am planning to take an accelerated 2 week course for my USCG Masters 100T and am trying to decide between Maritime Professional Training in Ft. Lauderdale and Maritime Institute Inc. in San Diego.
They are comparable in price and schedule and I have heard rave reviews about MPT in Florida, but don’t know much about Maritime Institute’s rep.
Any experiences?


Maritime Institute is a fine school run by true professionals. Very experienced instructors and the facility is in a greal location. I only took the AB course their but one of there instructors was on loan to TRL (for my Lifeboatman) and he was great. I know my input isn’t specific to the class your looking into but hope that it helps a bit.

I took my 100 Ton through Maritime Institute in 2005…They really have a good program and are always looking for ways to improve it…

They have some different ways of instructing the rules of the road module that will stay with you for a long time…I still use some of their memory aids to this day…good luck

I took the 100-ton course in San Diego. They took it very seriously. I have also taken many courses at MPT - which I liked also. I would recommend the MT 100-ton course.

The food is better in San Diego.