Another upgrade question thread


Good question. I know when I upgraded a few years ago I didn’t get one, nor did some folks I know except ‘a friend of a friend.’ Later when I added oceans of course I learned it then.

The mate’s tnav module is 15 questions as opposed to the 10 question master’s module so maybe the mate’s near coastal exam has a sailings question?


That could be the case but I’ve never done NC so I have no first hand experience with studying for or taking that exam.


Thanks for the replies. So, in regards to NC Tnav, is anyone aware of a reference that points to what will apply / what should I study for. Thanks.


NC module had a Mercator when I took it.


Near Coastal is 10 questions.
Chart Plot is 15 questions.
Oceans is 15 questions.


Don’t forget those who started their service prior to March 24, 2014.




My mistake, I just realized your link goes straight to the exam subject for the Mates test. My inquiry was regarding the Masters. That’s the mix-up.


46 CFR 11.910.


Thanks for the link. A couple posts inc. some private messages have informed me that there are individuals who claim to have received Sailings and Azimuth/Amp (Sun) questions on the NC test. Based on 11.910, if I receive one of those on my tests, should a throw a challenge flag?


Better take another look at the table in 46 CFR 11.910. There is no footnote in the rows for azimuth (any body) and amplitude (any body) that would indicate that they are for oceans only. The sun would fall under “any body.”


Okay I see the problem. I’m holding in my hand a 46 CFR revised as of Oct.01 of 2012. I didnt look at the link that you provided.


Azimuth and Amplitude : yes

Sailings: no


According to my outdated CFRs, You would be correct about the sailings. Looking at the link provided by Mr. Cavo, only Mercator Sailings apply to Near Coastal testing along with ETA.


The Mercator I had on my near coastal says otherwise.


Mate or Master?



And here, straight off the NMC website:


I’m looking for recommendations on how to prepare for azimuth/amplitude ( based on what I see it’s a combination of quite a few things ). As I’ve stated Id rather learn this solo. My question is what I should be proficient at in my approach to those subjects. I’m thinking in this order :

Sailings (midlat)
Chronometer tick
Azimuth or amplitude.

Thanks for any feedback.


As I stated at the very beginning of this thread,

If you follow the step by step solutions you can teach yourself how to do the problems.

I would approach them as if you were shooting an actual celestial day and learn them in that order but you can learn them however you see fit.


Bowditch has the formula, it’s fairly straightforward.