Another MSC ship goes aground!

Navy ship runs aground after leaving West African port; no injuries reported | Stars and Stripes

Why is gCaptain not reporting this? Hmmmmmm

MSC is really falling apart. The ship is crewed by CIVMARs from Captain down. Navy side does operations while CIVMARS navigate the ship and engineering side.

Spec ops support probably doing everything they can to keep a low profile.

Another one i was just told about is the USNS Matthew Perry sitting on the bottom in Guam with a flooded engine room. That is not in the news either. Is that a true story? What is going on with MSC!???

It’s true. I don’t have much info, but did see a quick video of the incident. Didn’t look pretty.

This is MSC’s Fitzgerald/McCain moment, something drastic needs to change, and quickly.

I hope we see an article soon saying Masters are no longer allowed to eat dinner. Clearly that’s a big problem.


So this is three MSC ships aground at one time?

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That is the backbone of the Navy. Sad to read that from our Government Merchant Mariners.

Sal has the story:

PS> Wasn’t the design of these vessels based on the “Afloat Forward Staging Base” (AFSB) American Cormorant?:

Originally looking like this when first built:

You can see the similarity to Alaska tankers in the twin engine configuration, but with the American Cormorant for the rest.

The American Cormorant was the semi-submersible HLV Ferncarrier (ex Kollbris):

Haven’t read much abou9t what happened on the Bobo that turned them back to Jacksonville - I’ve got it on solid info there was a crank case exploion in their engineroom, not the little incident that was reported.

That is correct, the matthew perry is sitting in guam because an incompetent first engineer flooded the engine room. By the way, this same first engineer caused another ship to lose power for 12 hours while out to sea!!

Sounds like you’ve got shit info, not solid.

Don’t just tell me I’m wrong, hit me with some facts…

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Fact is what you’re saying is wrong.

I believe he is one of the guys that got fleeted up directly from 3rd A/E to 1st A/E, bypassing 2nd altogether. Limited experience even as 3rd. Big mistake on MSC’s behalf, and now paying the price here.

Dang that’s some good arguing. I was also once involved in a scenario that made the news so I can appreciate your sensitivity to the subject. I’ll still think I am right until I read otherwise. I did hear NCIS was aboard to conduct an investigation and USCG was initially turned away in JAX. Standing by to see what the final reports are. I truly would hate for it to have been a crank case issue, tough to justify replacing aged assets at that point.

Holy shit

But imagine how bad it would be if he was a foreigner #jonesactstrong #USMerchantMarine #InPeaceAndWar



I saw a few pictures. Funny stuff

I also like how there’s a licensed engineer who was trying to sabotage the work of someone else he didn’t like, got caught, and didn’t get fired.

MSC is down bad if they’re promoting 3rds to 1st and completely bypassing 2nd! On the deck side I heard it’s just as bad. C/Ms who should still be sailing 3rd Mate, but because of a staffing crisis, they’re stuck with this incompetence in the officer ranks.

That is very true, he moved up from 3rd to 1st ; bypassing 2nd engineer; he was also working shoreside for a few years so he lacks experience as a ship engineer.