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[QUOTE=Xavier6162;155462]Yea. Took a class with an AB from MSC who started out as SU. Told me his two hang out buddies (one was a female) aboard his first ship were kicked off and out of MSC after their first voyage. Apparently they had a small spat over SU work (cleaning) duties that lasted all of 30 seconds.

One accuses the other of slacking off, not pulling her weight. In which she loudly responded with “Fu… You Motherfu…er!” and finished it off with a shove.

The two immediately went back to being friends (with benefits) and hangout / eating buddies.

Didn’t matter. The spat was overheard and they were fired. Seems way too trivial. Charge of creating a hostile work environment maybe? There has to have been something else.

The AB did comment that the SU in question was a slacker and she often hid or made excuses to get out of work.[/QUOTE]

Hostile work environment? Sounds like a battery took place when one shoved the other. That’s not trivial. Nobody needs that out at sea.

You probably only got part of the story anyway.



You probably only got part of the story anyway.[/QUOTE]

That I’m sure of.


Once physical contact was made, the situation elevated to another level. Where I work now, that would have been immediate dismissal.


What happened to our friends at NEO? Did the bus crash on the way to New Jersey?


Lol I’m in Jersey so far I’ve done completed fall protection, damage control & is currently in basic fire fighting. We might not have training tomorrow they are calling for 6-10 inches of snow.


Snow day in MSC Freehold head to the Cabin for a Log Splitter sandwich and a cold Yuengling ahhh the fuzzy memories while on the government clock


Sounds nice lol


How are you New Jesry guys coming alone?


good so far. I’ve learned a lot here. Fun experience so far


Anyone wanting lots of details about NEO and training, keep in mind the security requirements of the job. People may not be as forth coming as they had planned, for that reason.


I too did an over the phone interview. Was told I should hear from them again in a week or two. For what it is worth the representative said they have a newly implemented policy allowing up to 60 days leave without pay, although final decisions are still up to the command and needs of the organization.

Only question I have that I thought of after hanging up was, when you are in the pool awaiting an assignment, does that time count towards your 4 month minimum or no? Thank you all.


60 days leave without pay

I don’t think that is true.


Donkey Rattle,

How long was your interview? What position did you apply for? What credentials do you have?


[QUOTE=Knots;162054]60 days leave without pay

I don’t think that is true.[/QUOTE] Yes it is official. Got the word from a wiper friend of mine. If you have saved enough vacation time, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be paid base rate? As stated, it would be up to the needs of the government if you get that much time off. If there are not enough of your same job group in the pool, they would probably deny that request. I can hear my old ship assigner’s voice in my head as I type ," NO,NO, Your AWOL, and of course, NO!" God I hated MSC,(PM1 of course).


[QUOTE=WiiFit4This;162055]Donkey Rattle,

How long was your interview? What position did you apply for? What credentials do you have?[/QUOTE]

Interview was about 15 minutes long. Did it while driving. Asked why I wanted to work for MSC, what I thought good work ethic was, how previous jobs have challenged me etc.

I applied for AB position, I hold an AB unlimited along with all the other goodies like BST, RFPNW, VPDSD etc.


I didn’t get selected



How do they communicate that you are not selected? Is it via email?


I just received an email telling me I was selected. Applied for AB about 2 months ago. I haven’t heard too many good reviews and I got a job as an AB not long after and am currently a tug in Florida doing 4/2 week schedule. If anyone has any input as to whether it’d be worth it in the long haul or not. I like my job now but if it isn’t as bad as I hear and may be worth it I’d like to know what I’m getting myself into before I give this up.


Jayuneek, sorry to hear you were not selected. However it is not the end of the world, If there are more people like boston87, who have found other employment since they applied, it should open up more spots for those who were not initially selected.

boston87, I would suggest sleeping on it and doing further research. Only you can make the decision for yourself. Ask yourself will you regret it later that you didn’t do it? Do you like the schedule you have now vs 4 months away minimum? Private sector vs Government? After you come to your conclusion however, I would notify MSC as soon as you can so that in the event you do not want to accept their offer, your spot will be given to someone else.

I received an email stating I was selected for an AB position. I can not wait to take the next step as I have been working a land job ever since being laid off in the Gulf and I miss being on the water very much. I look forward to the new experience and learning more. I was very surprised by how fast this process has gone so far considering it is the government and all of the stories. Good luck to all of those mariners seeking employment with MSC and elsewhere.


[QUOTE=GetSailin;162068 If you have saved enough vacation time,[/QUOTE]

What does paid vacation time have to do with 60 days leave without pay. There has been absolutely ZERO announcement on that written or verbal within MSC.

Your wiper buddy is not a source.

Under 3 years service you get 4 hours paid leave every 2 weeks worked
and 1 day shore leave for each 15 days worked (not while in training)

AB’s have 2-3 months training and neo before they even deploy, so count on a minimum of 7 months away your very first hitch with one month off until you leave again.

If anything they have cracked down on people abusing the sick leave. They are running people home without pay if they are not fit for duty. The pool is really only slackers no one wants and not fit for duty personel.