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but asleep at the switch…


[B]Ship Runs Directly Into Steep Shoreline For No Apparent Reason[/B]

By Rob Almeida On May 20, 2014


Well, whatever they were trying to do here didn’t work, but it was a good effort.

According to Norwegian press, the ship was carrying sand (which explains the digger sitting on the deck) and the master of the vessel was asleep at the time of the incident. The incident occurred in Storfjord, Norway, east of Alesund.

No worries…he’s awake now

Hahahah every time i watch it come to a dead stop i crack up.

Our friends from Norge are excellent mariners, with a government that gives incredible to support to their maritime cluster, but its nice to see that sometimes shit happens in Norge, the same as it does here.

The best part is that it happened in Sunnmøre.

That would make a great animated GIF.

Obviously an engineering failure…

[QUOTE=DredgeBoyThrottleJocky;137934]Obviously an engineering failure…[/QUOTE]

Speaking of engineering failures there is this Darwin Genius gem…


Blame the people who put that marina right there!

If this is going to be the Ask Dr. Crash thread I’ll have to post the Queen of Oak Bay incident [PDF] in Horseshoe Cove.


You mean the nut that connects the wheelhouse to the engine room?

[QUOTE=catherder;137980]You mean the nut that connects the wheelhouse to the engine room?[/QUOTE]
I believe that in this case it was actually a missing cotter pin. Feel free to read the report yourself, it’s the linked PDF.

Hitra Marine AS

Holy Nose Job !

It is amazing how flexible steel is, with what you can see in the picture all that needs to be repaired is the bulb.

That will buff right out.

Maybe 'cause I’ve been drinkin all day but that formerly bulbous bow looks like The Scream, another Norsk thing…

File:The Scream.jpg - Wikipedia