Android study guide

I know this is in the wrong area but it gets the most views. I can only seem to find one study guide for 1600ton mate that seems OK for Android and it’s called captain quiz. Am I overlooking one? I know apple has a ton of them. Thanks

Bump. I’m interested in this also.

Its not the whole test but there is android rules of the road. It is free to download and has all of the USCG rules of the road questions. It keeps scores, percentage wise, and shows the correct answer if you get one wrong. I find it very handy, If you have 5 minutes just click the icon and straight into study mode. Also you DO NOT need internet connection to use it. Hope this helps.

There is an app called upgrade that is good. I use it and so far it’s nice

Try Upgradeu

Do you know the site. I don’t see it when I search on Google I don’t see it is all I needed, aside from books.

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Um…the question was for “Android” app, NOT apple, as the Upgrade U appears to be apple only. I too would like an android app. is a great site, but I don’t always have a WiFi connection, and their downloadable software is windows only. Here’s a great opportunity for someone who likes to code.

If you look upgradeu is for android also

Where do you find it for android? I can’t seem to find upgradeu either.

Sorry. Could have swore I seen it but it’s only for iPad or iPhone. is pleased to announce that now we have a native android application. If you have an android tablet you can download our app from the play store. Currently the app is limited to only test taking and it is very much an early release. We need your help testing the software and we want your suggestions!
The android application is FREE, so please download it and let us know what you think. does have an android app.