AMVER SEAS, "Dew point temperature can not be..."

I’ve been doing a dilligent job of filling out our synoptic weather reports to AMVER using the little AMVERSEAS software (Version 8.00 Updated SEP 19 2008, System Ver: 6.00, on Windows 7)

Code 0053 “Dew point temperature can not be greater than dry bulb temperature”

But, from what I can tell, the dew point is calculated. The dry and web bulb temperatures are correct, so I can’t figure where I’m going wrong.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Just override the error. Thats what I do. Or just use the magical “/” and don’t submit it. There are for more important aspects of the weather report than dew point.

I get errors all the time for various reasons, but I just override them when I know the information is correct. AMVER SEAS isn’t the smartest program, it’s not perfect at all.

I emailed the NOAA guy for our area… Larry Hubble. He called me five minutes after I emailed him and talked to me about my question. Like you suggested, and like I was doing, he said AMVERSEAS makes mistakes etc. and just override and send it. Thought I might be doing something wrong. Turns out, when temperature gets below 32F the web bulb, dry bulb, dew point calculations get a little finniky. Ah well. Thanks for the answer.

Is Larry the guy in Anchorage or Seattle? Ive dealt with the Anchorage office and they have always been helpful.

I’m not sure where he is. There used to be a NOAA office right here in Valdez, but they had to shut it down. Nice lady named Peggy Perales worked there. Both of them are very helpful and nice people.