Wheelhouse condensation

Anyone have trouble with condensation in the wheelhouse with water leaking from the ceiling between the wood? Common ? Hasent snowed in days and no cleans and top of wheel house was cleared after it snowed . Any tips for keeping the windows fog free? I know the winded trick and keep heaters pointed at them but any other tips ?

The old method was to wipe them with crumpled up newspapers.

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Crack open a window. The moisture that is condensing is probably coming from the galley and crew quarters. Give it a place to escape.

Newspaper damn might have to starting picking those up again

Use RainX on the inside of the windows. Helps with the fog at least.

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I like using Rainex on both sides of the windows. If you don’t have Rainex, a little bit of straight Joy will work.

I would not put either Rainex or Joy on the overhead.

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rainx anti fog

I had rain come through the overhead on several supply boats I worked on. They mounted the binnacle right above the forward console with a gap between the binnacle and the house even though there was still a hole there for the periscope to view the mag heading. In any event, if it rained hard there would be a tarp over the console cause everything was electronic. One time it shorted out the console as I was steaming into slip B. Luckily there was nobody else around. I also have reflexes like a cheetah and ran to the aft console to switchover. If you have a fan run it over the windows. I found the rainx on the inside made it hard to keep the window spotlessly clean. Leaves a film.

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Just spray it on and don’t wipe it off. Just have a towel or such to catch what runs down the windows.

Yeah I do the windex thing it just anyyoing and hard to see , gonna try hat anti fog rainx

I always hated the Windex thing. I cracked the wheelhouse doors and cranked the heat up to compensate. Outside air that has a 95% relative humidity at 40° F goes down to 23% relative humidity at 80° F so even when it’s raining if it’s really cold out the air actually doesn’t contain much moisture.

When our windows start fogging up it’s just one more reason to send those mouth breathing engineers back down below.


Yeah I hear that

It’s how I know some useless tankerman is about to give me an excuse. That hot air moving in dogs everything up.

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Shaving cream works just as good as rainx and tends to last longer.

Also good for shaving your legs.


Which we all know is vitally important in this line of work. What kind of moisturizer or lotion do you use on your legs after you are done shaving them? I’m asking for a friend.