American Chief engr salary

Would someone let me know. How much can earn an American merchant ship chief engineer with unlimited class 1 licence from USCG. Thanks

Not sure why this is in the USMMA category… but there are different companies, different unions and different contracts everywhere.

Pls give me an average idea for unlimited class 1 Chief engineer



That’s in Bohemian dollars of course. You’ll have to do the math.

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The Average Wage for a Marine Chief Engineer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) regularly publishes salary data for a wide variety of occupations, including ships’ engineers. According to May 2011 data, ship’s engineers in 2010 earned an average of $74,540 per year. The lowest 10 percent of all ship’s engineers reported an average annual income of $40,360 in 2010. In contrast, the highest 25 percent earned $91,650 per year while the highest 10 percent averaged $114,810. Chief engineers, as the most experienced and highly trained respondents in the category, are likely to be at the upper end of that scale.

So, It seems an American chief engr can earn around 115000 usd per year?

One of my well known sea going(Unlimited) Captain told me as like:(I don’t know whether he shown off me or real)

Below salary of Captain of US Merchant Marine
1822.48 per day(weekday)
3892.96 per day( Weekend)
About 65000.00 US dollar a month.Plus 50% vacation pay 28 days of 30 days serve at sea.
Makes at least half a million in a year (only 6 months work at sea)

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