Salary of American merchant ship Capt

Hey, How much can a USCG unlimited license holder captain earn in a month?
I heard from one of them almost 45000$ a month, I am a bit confused about it.

More like 46k.
We’ll get some good feedback here in the engineering forum. If anyone would know what an unlimited master gets paid monthly it would be their arch nemesis, the chief engineer.


I heard that a lot of captains don’t make a salary because they sold their souls to the company for one lump sum long ago. Thats the reason why so many disgruntled captains like to work such long hitches.


Harbor pilots perhaps? I heard it was about 35K a month and that was about 10 years ago so it could be possible.

I’d say deep sea guys are around $200k a year. Say they work half the year that would be around $33k a month.

Sorry, I should have asked about Chief Engineer.

Last captain I sailed for at a non-governmental job was paid in nubile cabin boys and a gumball machine filled with triple dose viagra.

He only wore a bathrobe(with shoulder boards) but he’d lost the belt years earlier and it was always open in the front.

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That’s okay compensation, but equivalent to more like 30k a month as opposed to 45k. I will assume the company match to his 401k and the medical/dental/vision premiums made up for this unconventional and lackluster pay scheme.

One of my well known sea going(Unlimited) Captain told me as like:(I don’t know whether he shown off me or real)

Below salary of Captain of US Merchant Marine
1822.48 per day(weekday)
3892.96 per day( Weekend)
About 65000.00 US dollar a month.Plus 50% vacation pay 28 days of 30 days serve at sea.
Makes at least half a million in a year (only 6 months work at sea)

To answer your question, yes. Most unlimited captains & some with smaller licenses make a half a million a year. Spread the word.

I guess the cat is out of the bag about US captains pay & that would explain why it’s the captains that always get kidnapped & robbed. (Which is fine by me). US Chief Engineer’s & other crew usually make just a portion of that money, less that $30k a year & we are a dime a dozen. Companies never pay the ransoms for the rest of the crew & we don’t carry cash on us, we aren’t worth kidnapping or robbing.


:rofl::rofl: oh I wish.

I’m going to ruin these Engineers fun here and say that unless you’re a harbor pilot, you’ll be amazingly lucky if you make half that. If your captain would share with us what company pays that, I’m pretty sure their hiring department would get a flood of CVs.

Yeah I have a tough time enjoying my villa in Lake Como, deciding whether I should take the Ferrari into the hills or the Riva out on the lake.

It’s a simpler life at sea just making the money versus spending it. At least for us Americans I guess. :crazy_face:

Well you better make up your mind quickly because tomorrow it may be too late. Yesterday is over. Now…is exactly the right moment!