American AB Tankerman Pay Rates

What’s AB Tankerman pay rate these day’s?

Your asking about the over paid “Tick’s” who are a detriment and worthless addition to the station bill once away from the dock ? :rolleyes: Bouchard is somewhere around 430 ish last i knew, Moran is 477 and Reinauer is 490 per day.

In order to be Qualified as a Tankerman, one must first prove that they can sleep for well over 24 hours without getting up for any reason.

Also, once the said Tankerman has proved the above they can start dreaming of become the King of all Merchant Sailors working in the Barge industry and become a “BARGE CAPTAIN”!

Extra points for being able to sleep for over 48 hours without leaving the bunk to take a Piss!

I can remember more than once leaving Portland, ME with a Barge on the wire and not being able to reach anyone on the radio for the entire trip down to the Delaware River. When the time came to swing around and make up on the hip, we have had to use the Tankerman Alarm Clock (a BFH) a sledgehammer, which is swung into to the Barges Hull by the Tug AB. This would usually bring the Tankermen out of Hibernation and complaining (Bitching) about bring woke up that way.

Much like an alcoholic would at an AA meeting, i should admit i was Tank-Trash yrs ago. About 10% of the guys where good and on the ball, the rest couldnt get out of their own way. I hear the term “Barge-Captain” and i start to twitch. :rolleyes: